Friday April 16th Schedule

Today/Tonight: Nikki, Ariel, Nox, Nicholette, Mia and Lilith. Please call 212-242-4577 for updates and room rentals. Click here to email us.   Updated Open Hours.Monday and Friday: noon till 7pm. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: noon till 10pm.Saturday and Sunday: 4pm till 10pm. We are fully renovated and CDC compliant.  We have taken extreme precautions for the safety of our clients and employees.  Our Dommes are tested on a regular basis.

April 2021 Role Call

We are coming off a great month of March in which we were able to get past the “Ides of March”! Our staff has been slowly coming back into full swing and being diligent with regular covid testings A few got the vaccine and more will be on the way as they open up the age for New Yorkers. Dont be an April Fool’s and not wear a mask when you are in large groups of people. We encourage you to stay safe and keep others safe. Nothing like the spring air to get our cockles aroused for a lengthy sessions with one of our beautiful skilled Dommes. We have subs and switches also but for only our members. Our role call adds some new faces to the Pandora’s stable. Let us introduce: Mayhem Melodie – The name says it all! Enter her world for complete destruction. Mistress Carmen – An African American Amazon with experiece. Mistress Violeta – Born and raised in Puerto Rico and now in New York City she is a student of BDSM and a beautiful one at that. Mistress Venus – A petite Latina who has a pension for mind games. Ms. D – A petite Vietnamese American Domme seasoned in the New York BDSM scene. Currently we have 23 quality Dommes/Switches. Remember it’s not about quantity but quality as we build our staff post covid. Dommes who are available throughout the week by appointment: Ariel, Carmen, Cyn, Eve, Inga, Iris, Ivy, Kali, Kat, Laura, Layne, Lilith, Lux Aurora, Mayhem Melody, Ms. D, Nicholette, Nikki, Nina Mar, Nox, Sasha, Venus & Violeta We require regular testing for all of our staff. Our facility is CDC compliant and the safety of our clients and staff are the utmost importance to us. For more information call 212-242-4577

New Mistress Violeta

Puerto Rican Mistress Violeta has an open mind and an open soul. To surrender is to be free. Are you interested? Call 212-242-4577.

New Mistress Carmen

Lets give a warm welcome to Mistress Carmen. She is capable of a firm hand at 6’4″ and a size 14 shoe. Ready to be manhandled by a gorgeous African American Domme at your favorite house of Kink? Call 212-242-4577…if you dare.

Mistress Nicholette

Mistress Nicholette will spank the blue out of you. Call 212-242-4577 for the spanking of you life.

The Kat is back….

Mistress Kat wants to smother, smack and shame you. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment

Mistress Sasha

Mistress Sasha is open to many different fetishes and role-play fantasies.  To schedule an appointment, please call 212-242-4577.

Come Worship Mistress Ivy

Worship the spectacular body of Mistress Ivy. Let yourself be ground beneath her heels. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Lady Cyn Here @ PB

Come and session with the legendary Lady Cyn. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Lux Aurora Is Back! Now Available @PB

My satisfaction comes from knowing I have you completely surrendered to my will during our time together. Call 212-242-4577 to book Mistress Lux Aurora formerly of DD.

Domme Ivy is Back at PB

Petite European Latin mix, Domme Ivy. My Power, Beauty, and Sensuality will overwhelm you, leaving you no choice but to submit to me and my desire. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with this Latina Domme.

Mistress Sasha

Mistress Sasha You will learn to worship her strong legs. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

New Mistress Venus

Beautiful Experienced Latin Mistress. Pictures coming soon. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Phone Fantasy Sessions

Femdom Phone Fantasy Sessions are a great way to connect with a Mistress when you can’t visit us in person. Enjoy a kinky fantasy phone call with one of our Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY Mistresses or submissives. You can check the blog listing for who is available to speak with you that day. Findom (financial control), Humiliation, cuckold fantasy, feminization training, sexy dirty talk, college co-ed, your secretary, Dr/patient etc. Whatever your creative mind can conjure up will be had. The cost for a 20 minute call is $87.00.  All major credit cards are accepted. Click Here to View Our Mistresses Call 212-242-4577 NOW for a fantasy phone session.

Mistress Sasha Awaits you!

Experience pain and pleasure by one of the most gorgeous Dommes in New York City! Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.


Amazon Domme Nox ready to dominate and switch. Call 212-242-4577 to find out what they are all saying!

Book Your Session with Nina Mar

Beauty Elegant Sadistic Switch Nina Mar Now accepting sessions at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY To book a session with this DDD (drop dead domme) call 212-242-4577 or email us at

Mistress Lilith

Mistress Lilith You will obey her Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Ever Fab Mistress Nina Mar

Mistress Nina Mar This Beautiful Italian/Native America Mistress will make you submit to her whims. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Mistress Laura needs….

Mistress Laura needs her boots cleaned. Are you up for the task? Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment

Mistress Nox

Mistress Nox You will learn to worship her. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment

Mayhem Is Back

 Striking you with Mayhem and exposing your most dark fantasies. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session NOW!

Goddess Lilith

When you look in the dictionary for Dominatrix you will see a picture of Goddess Lilith. This is how real she is. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with this leather loving Domme.

New Mistress Nox will…

New Mistress Nox She will tease and torment you.You will learn to please her. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment

Mistress Laura

Mistress Laura Experience pain and pleasure by one of the most gorgeous Dommes in New York City! Call 212-242-4577

Room Rental @ Pandora’s Box NY 212-242-4577

Pandora’s Box offers room rental for New York independent Mistresses and guest Mistresses from around the world. We offer seven fabulous playrooms with all the equipment you will need. Our space is meticulously maintained with new updates constantly Showers, bathrooms & dressing rooms available to use. Private entrance, CDC compliant and very discreet. ALL OF OUR DOMMES ARE COVID TESTED ON A REGULAR BASIS. Call 212-242-4577 or contact us here Photos used courtesy of Inked Magazine

Iris Iris Iris

New York’s Mistress Iris for your submission. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with the hot Latina.

Equestrian at the Box

At Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY full Equestrian play is available. Come & get saddled up with our black patent leather saddle. We have your bit gag, blinders, and knee pads waiting… You will be whipped to move faster with our horse hair crop, Tally ho! For the ride of your life call 212-242-4577

Need a New Diversion?

Here at Pandora’s Box NY we have a safe word and right now it is DISINFECT. We are ensuring that everything is continually being disinfected for the safety of our clients and our staff. All equipment is always being cleaned with antibacterial products.  We want to reassure anyone who is in search of a new diversion in these hectic times. Nurse Charlie and the NYC Dommes are always here to play safely. If you can’t make in person then there are Pandora’s Box Mistress Phone Sessions available. Please call 212-242-4577 to book your session.

Mistress Lilith

Mistress Lilith An experienced sadistic Mistress To book an appointment, please call 212-242-4577.

The Medical Mistresses

The Doctors and Nurses ARE IN! Come and enter the Medical Chamber at Pandora’s    This room is used extensively for electric shock torture, behavior modification, piercings, catheters and sounds.  We have an extensive array of surgical tools including but not limited to tens units, violet wands and single use/disposable medical necessities. Separate shower available. Call 212-242-4577 for your check up and maybe operation…

Sister Eve

For a religious experience there is no one better than Mistress Eve. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session and then drop to your knees!

The Physical – A Story by Nina Mar

It was time for Chuck’s physical. He was well overdue. He was a bundle of nerves when he entered the waiting room and greeted the receptionist. “Good afternoon”, she said. “Have a seat and fill out this form. The doctor will see you shortly.” She smiled. “Unfortunately Dr. Green won’t be in today, we recently hired a new physician with excellent reviews – fresh-faced and eager to treat patients. She’s very pretty too. Are you okay with having your physical with Dr. Charlie?” Chuck was suddenly aroused… and nervous about the prospect of an attractive young female doctor performing his physical. But he was overdue, and so he happily agreed to go along with it. He filled out nearly 20 pages of paperwork, then handed the receptionist her clipboard.  That’s when he noticed the number of attractive women swarming around the office. The girl filing papers in the back with immaculate black hair caught his eye. He found himself hardening.  The receptionist, named Margaret he saw from her tag, also had dark hair and eyes with a broad smile.  Chuck’s growing erection throbbed in his pants.  He changed his focus to his old male doctors to help ease the blood flow to his penis. It seemed to be working. Then Margaret called Chuck: “We’re ready for you. I’m going to set you up in the examination room and take your vitals. Dr. Charlie will be performing the full examination, as soon as she’s done with her other patients.” They moved into the exam room. Chuck enjoyed watching her long legs along the way. He sat down on the table as she indicated. “Lets take your temperature first.” Chuck could not keep his eyes off of Margaret. She was beautiful.  The way she stared at the thermometer turned him on . When she moved the thermometer into the light to read it, he noticed her perfectly round breasts.  His erection was getting in the danger zone. He could feel it pulse against his pants. “Normal. Time to take your blood pressure and check your weight.” Chuck had begun to sweat. “Okay” he said. Margaret took his blood pressure with serious eyes that for a moment he thought possessed the intent to inflict pain. At first, the pressure on his arm was normal, but thenit got  tighter and tighter. Her eyes became narrower and she looked at him. “It is suppose to feel this tight and

You should be Mistress Laura’s Prisoner at the Box

Prison Guard Laura  wants to lock you up in one of the three Pandora’s jail cells. Call 212-242-4577  but remember…you have the right to remain silent, and anything you say CAN and Will be used against YOU in the court of Pandora’s.

Mistress Nikki will have you begging…

Mistress Nikki Mistress Nikki is Syrian & Dominican. Petite with dangerous curves that will have you on your knees begging for more. Call 212-242-4577 to a session with this skilled beautiful Domme.

Bound, Gagged, and Tortured @ Sanctum in Pandora’s Box NY

As always at Pandora’s Box NY we continue to make our place the best it can be. We have installed a brand new 20 ton climate control Air Conditioner as well as repainted and glazed the floor in our Sanctum Room. Enjoy being tortured in beautiful comfortable surroundings. Call 212-242-4577

Obey Mistress Inga

If you please her you might be lucky enough to get to worship her exquisite feet, engage in one of her role-plays or have her dress you up as the little sissy you are! Call 212-242-4577 to check on Mistress Inga’s availability.

Mistress Iris Is Ready to Play

Mistress Iris Playful, devious Middle Eastern Domme who will force you into submission. Check out Mistress Iris’s profile HERE. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session NOW.