FRIDAY’s Schedule, June 9th @ Pandora’s Box NY

We open at 12pm.Today/Tonight: Alice, Mia,, Naomi Nox, Inga , Iris and Angela. Call us at 212-242-4577. Room Rental available. View Models Pro Domme, Film, & Photo Room Rental Available. Click here to email us.    New Open Hours.Monday through Friday we open at noon.Saturday and Sunday we open at 4pm. All staff are vaccinated.

new york dominatrix mistress nina mar bdsm dungeon pandoras box

Nina Mar

Nina Mar is here Pandora’s Box NY & will never leave us again! Call now to get in your time ASAP before she changes her mind! If you want to feel the cool air of freedom come sit next to me. The exit row is my home. Call 212-242-4577 to book the experienced Nina Mar.

Mistress Sasha Rose IS BACK

Once you meet this Mistress, you will be hooked.   Worship this rousing Domina.  To schedule an appointment with Mistress Sasha Rose, please call 212-242-4577.

Public Humiliation by Mistress KAT

Are you ready? Have you been thinking about being exposed in a fun way? Mistress Kat and her viral video of her taking her slave for a walk has become legendary. Here at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY its just another day in the neighborhood. You too can be paraded out in public or our of your room for all to be amused by….

Mistress Inga Is BACK Friday’s

If you are smart you will make it your business to visit  Mistress Inga every Friday at Pandora’s Box NY. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session.

Mistress Angela

Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with this gorgeous intelligent Domme.


I want to take you on a journey you won’t forget where you can trust,let go and enjoy expanding your limits under my control. To book a special fantasy session with Mistress Nicholette call 212-242-4577.

New Domme Portia

New Mistress Portia playing with your mind… Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with the exotic Domme.

Mistress Naomi is BACK!

After a long hiatus Mistress Naomi has returned to Pandora’s Box. With 4+ years of experience under her belt, you will know your place. She enjoy’s taking your weaknesses and crafting them into her desires.  Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Naomi.

Star Mia

“Your focus determines your reality.” —Qui-Gon Jinn, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Call 212-242-4577 to check Mia’s availability.

Mistress Snow Knows What You Need

Mistress Snow’s warm smile and piercing ocean-gray eyes will have you confessing your darkest secrets. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Snow.

Iris Iris Iris

New York’s Mistress Iris for your submission. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with the hot Latina.

Mistress Salome

Disarmingly seductive, my sadistic cruelty will have you begging for release. A transsexual domina, you’ll feel blessed just to bask in my statuesque beauty. Call 212-242-4577 to book your fantasy session.

Ask For the Couples Box at Pandora’s

For ladies only as special “Pandora’s Box” filled with pink & white goodies strictly for FEMALES. Find out about our couples sessions with a Pandora’s Domme or a room rental for something different. Call 212-242-4577 to plan a special time with your favorite partner.

Ms. Kitty

With her piercing eyes and venomous wordplay, her essence will resonate long after you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her. Book Mistress Kitty for a fantasy session at Pandora’s Box call 212-242-4577.


I only engage in activities that truly arouse me, and most enjoy a sub whose greatest satisfaction comes from pleasing the Mistress they serving.  To book a fantasy session with Mistress Ivy call 212-242-4577.

Amazon Cleo

Mistress Cleo is the Amazonia of your dreams. Standing strong at 5’10, she easily surpasses the 6 ft mark in a pair of standard heels, topped with a beautiful face and alluring smile.  Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Cleo.

You should be Mistress Laura’s Prisoner at the Box

Prison Guard Laura  wants to lock you up in one of the three Pandora’s jail cells. Call 212-242-4577  but remember…you have the right to remain silent, and anything you say CAN and Will be used against YOU in the court of Pandora’s.

Domina Cyn

I will be attending the Pandora’s Box Ny Halloween Party this coming Thursday October 27th…..WILL YOU? RSVP at or call 212-242-4577.

New Mistress Julia

Goddess Julia, the new supreme ruler of New York. Petite beautiful goddess who is forceful with my verbal humiliation, and an elitist alpha leader who knows what is best for the male race. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with the beautiful Goddess.

Mistress Laura

Mistress Laura Experience pain and pleasure by one of the most gorgeous Dommes in New York City! Call 212-242-4577


Amazon Domme Nox ready to dominate and switch. Call 212-242-4577 to find out what they are all saying!

MIA Asks…Who loves to Sin??

Are you prepared to repent? Your irresistible desire to cause mischief? Come to me my dear maggots and you will receive as many lashes as you deserve. Confess to me. Take me to the depths within you. I am your Mistress Mia. Call 212-242-4577 to book your next confession.

Novices & Couples are Welcomed

Novices & Couples  Don’t be intimidated. We will explore your desires together. Lend me your hand and confide in me, I will lead the way. Domina Mia has years experience helping you explore your kinky side. Call 212-242-4577.

Domina Mia

A Dominatrix With Big Dick Energy. Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Domina Mia.

Lady Cyn Here @ PB

Come and session with the legendary Lady Cyn. Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Equestrian at the Box

At Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY full Equestrian play is available with Domina Kali. Come & get saddled up with our black patent leather saddle. We have your bit gag, blinders, and knee pads waiting… You will be whipped to move faster with our horse hair crop, Tally ho! For the ride of your life call 212-242-4577.

Legs of Steel

Nina Mar  Lifestyle and professional Kinktress. Call 212-242-4577 to get yourself in trouble.