Wrestling and Boxing Sessions

Come and enter the world of Fantasy Wrestling/Boxing at Pandora’s Box NY Wrestling Room.

Some of our Dommes can take on most challengers in competitive match.

Semi and Fantasy will work you up a sweat while giving up control as your Mistress will call the shots.

The ladies wear either a bathing suit, shorts and a tank top, a wrestling singlet, or a judo gi etc.

Depending on the intensity and physical exertion of the session will determine the gratuity before the session.



In competitive match, you respond back to the Mistress as in a real competitive match. All unagreed moves are discussed before hand.  



In a semi-competitive match you fight/respond back a little. The Mistress will be in control, but you cannot respond to the situational actions. The Mistress does not agree to  all out full strength play.



In fantasy you don’t fight/respond back at all. The Mistresses just basically pushes, and throws you around, some holds may be involved. The Mistress is always in total control.