Chinese Torture

Tremble as you behold so many instruments of pain.  As you crawl before your Master, your eyes attempting to focus upon the lantern lit chamber

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The Sanctum

The Spanish Inquisition inspired this replica of a sixteenth century church. Its stone walls, archways serve as the perfect setting for an hour or more

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Ming Palace

Travel back in time to the twelfth century into the palace of a Chinese Warlord. The room is resplendent with silk fabrics, oriental rugs, gold

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Pink Boudoir

In the Pink Boudoir you will find an abundance of corsets, garter belts, stockings and petticoats, fishnets and mini skirts, high heel stilettos, boots, wigs and

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Medical Chamber

The Medical Chamber was inspired by the sleek deco design of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Beneath the spider like chrome chandeliers, within the puckered chrome walls

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Wrestling Room

Pandora’s Box NY is New York’s premier mixed wrestling room offering the best in female combat. We offer beautiful, highly skilled fighters all shapes and

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Spanking fetish


The Pandora’s Box Classroom is an ideal setting for naughty students. Corporal punishment is the favored method of dealing with class disruptions. Caning, over the

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