Pink Boudoir

Dress like the slut that you are and be used as a source of entertainment for your cruel captors

Pink Boudoir

In the Pink Boudoir you will find an abundance of corsets, garter belts, stockings and petticoats, fishnets and mini skirts, high heel stilettos, boots, wigs and makeup, everything a girl needs to ultra feminize herself.

Transvestites, sissy maids and cross dressing sluts of all shapes and sizes are welcome to our “Pink Boudoir”.

Some of the services featured here are petticoat training, lessons in make-up application and female etiquette, and house cleaning training.

Once your session begins one of our gorgeous Mistresses will take you on your journey from male to female and train you to be the woman of your dreams. Perhaps you will be dressed as a French Maid and serve tea to your Mistress or be taken out shopping for a new bra and panties and those of you wish to explore and play out your dirty little fantasies,” be careful what you wish for”.

You will be dressed like the sluts that you are and used as a source of entertainment for your cruel captors.


  • Beauty supplies Including makeup, lipstick, nail polish and all beauty supplies
  • Breast enhances
  • Discreet submissive collar
  • Full selection of wigs
  • Leather sofa with coffee table
  • Makeup vanity with many mirrors
  • Spanking Bench
  • St. Andrews Cross
  • TV w/ DVD Player
  • Wardrobe for all sizes
  • Women’s shoes all sizes
  • Bluetooth Stereo

Included Equipment

Ball gag, Ball and chain, Bit gag, Blindfolds, Body harness, Bondage belt, Bondage body bags, Wrist Ankle & Thigh Bondage cuffs, Bondage harness, Leather & Latex Bondage hoods, Leather & Rubber Bondage mittens, Bondage tape, Boxing gloves, Chains, Clingfilm, Crops, Cross-dressing wardrobe, Cock ring, Collars, D-rings, Adult Diapers, Dog cage, Feathers, Leather, Rubber & Metal Floggers, Funnel gag, Gas mask, Head harness, Human pony gear, Humbler, Inflatable gag, Leashes, Long tail whips, Monoglove, Muzzle gag, Nipple Clamps, Wood, Leather & Rubber Paddles, Leather & Rubber Posture collar, Ring gag, Rope, Steel Shackles, Sleepsacks, Spreader bar, Straitjackets, Ankle Suspension cuffs, Tens unit, Violet Wand w/attachments, Vacuum beds, Weights, Whips, Wrestling mats and much more!