The Sanctum

Spanish Inquisition inspired replica of a sixteenth century church

The Sanctum

The Spanish Inquisition inspired this replica of a sixteenth century church. Its stone walls, archways serve as the perfect setting for an hour or more of ritualistic pain and pleasure administered and enjoyed by the satanic sadomasochists who inhabit it.

You will stand before your Inquisitor, stripped naked and publicly humiliated. This will be followed by hours of interrogation, electric shock torture, beatings and whippings. Hot wax will be poured over your cock and balls and your nipples pierced by white hot needles.

The Highlight of the Sanctum includes its wheel of agony for those souls brave enough to ride it. Exact replicas of the instruments of torture utilized during the Inquisition were painstakingly produced by our master craftsmen.

You will endure the searing pain of ball busting but no one will hear you scream and thrown hooded and naked into the Sanctum Keep for hours or maybe days.


  • All Bondage Equipment
  • Bondage Rack w/Trampling Bars
  • Bondage Revolving Wheel
  • CBT Bench
  • Extreme Bondage Gear
  • Gothic Lion King Throne Chair
  • Jail Cell with Feeding Opening
  • Portable Stockade
  • Spanking Bench
  • Suspension with hoist
  • St. Andrews Cross
  • Stationary Stockade
  • Bluetooth Stereo

Included Equipment

Ball gag, Ball and chain, Bit gag, Blindfolds, Body harness, Bondage belt, Bondage body bags, Wrist Ankle & Thigh Bondage cuffs, Bondage harness, Leather & Latex Bondage hoods, Leather & Rubber Bondage mittens, Bondage tape, Boxing gloves, Chains, Clingfilm, Crops, Cross-dressing wardrobe, Cock ring, Collars, D-rings, Adult Diapers, Dog cage, Feathers, Leather, Rubber & Metal Floggers, Funnel gag, Gas mask, Head harness, Human pony gear, Humbler, Inflatable gag, Leashes, Long tail whips, Monoglove, Muzzle gag, Nipple Clamps, Wood, Leather & Rubber Paddles, Leather & Rubber Posture collar, Ring gag, Rope, Steel Shackles, Sleepsacks, Spreader bar, Straitjackets, Ankle Suspension cuffs, Tens unit, Violet Wand w/attachments, Vacuum beds, Weights, Whips, Wrestling mats and much more!