About rubber, leather & latex

Fetish clothing has been popular in many different contexts throughout time...

Latex Rubber Clothing

Rubber mackintoshes, cleaning gloves, Wellington boots, medical aprons, gas masks and more have all been for practical purposes first, and subsequently fetishized transformed into objects of desire. The swish of rubber on skin delights many, seduces others and becomes a second skin for the true rubberists. PVC outfits provide fun in all colors and sizes for roleplay, while tighter rubber garments can create a form of bondage for the wearer. 

Leather Bondage Gear

Leather fetish has been mentioned as early as Aristophanes’ writing in ancient Greece, during a time when they would also use leather strips (“dog ties”) to prevent the public exposure of glans. Royalty and plebs alike have worn leather for centuries, due to it’s durability and versatility. From animal skins to industrial workwear and high fashion – leather provides a mysterious appeal to those who succumb to it. The scent, the touch of a high quality piece, the sensation of bondage gear laced tightly or boots pulled slowly up a pair of long legs; leather entices all senses.

Latex Fetish Community

Latex can be transformative, providing an alternate identity, either for exhibitionism or personal pleasure. Visually stimulating when shined, worn skin-tight or as flowing cape, it is a sensual material to be worn in various ways for every imaginable occasion. Special care must be applied to latex rubber clothing, but the ritual of washing and re-applying shine can be a part of the intrigue for latex wearers. Rubber dolls, masked vixens and submissives vacuumed tightly can all be found in a true latex fetish community.