A Story from One of our Slaves - My Fiancée Fucks another Man Before our Wedding

My fiancée Janet – a cute and curvy redhead with milky white skin and a sweet smile – was a virgin when we started dating in college. She wasn’t a shut-in though. She had given blowjobs and had guys go down on her, and she even owned a vibrator that she used regularly. She just hadn’t had a relationship last long enough to make it to sex.

I was the lucky one to take it all the way with her and it was spectacular. She was no stranger to orgasm and sexual pleasure when we fucked for the first time, so she was fully into it and delighted by the experience, not plagued by pain and no idea of what to do like some virgins are.

Our sex life has been fantastic in the four years since as we’ve grown together and learned how to give each other incredible orgasms. She loves when I slip two fingers inside her pussy while licking her clitoris and she knows that I love how she fondles my balls while giving me head. We love to try new sexual positions to keep things fresh and there’s nothing we won’t try once.

Despite our seeming happiness and compatibility, it was clear something wasn’t right in the lead up to the wedding. It was two months before the date when I finally…

sat her down and tried to figure out the problem.

“Janet, baby, it’s obvious something isn’t right and I can’t figure out what the problem is so I need you to tell me. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an issue with the wedding you haven’t told me about? Is your mother being a pain again?”

She looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and they were full of sweetness. She was a girl in love, thankfully, so it must have pained her to say what she did.

“I’m so sorry honey. You’re right that something’s wrong. I just haven’t known how to talk about it,” she said while reaching for my hand.

“You can tell me anything, sweetheart,” I said in the kindest voice I could muster.

She took a deep breath before the next set of words tumbled from her lips, a sure sign that the big reveal was coming.

 I know that women aren’t the ones that usually get stuck on this kind of thing, but I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I’m only going to sleep with one man my entire life.”

Of all the things I had imagined were wrong, Janet worrying about not getting to fuck another guy hadn’t even been on the list. How could it have been? Our sex life was fantastic, or at least I thought, so why would she want to sleep with someone else?

I didn’t get angry; she wasn’t confessing to having cheated after all. I was shocked, of course, but we talked about it and in the end I couldn’t help but sympathize with her. I’d been with four girls before her so I knew just how wonderful she was. She had never been with anyone else. Then she dropped the real bomb.

“There’s this guy at the coffee place I go to before work every morning and we’ve been flirting a little. I want to sleep with him.”

Just like that my fiancée, the girl I’m about to marry, tells me she wants to fuck another guy. She wants another man’s cock in her pussy, thrusting until they both orgasm. Holy shit.

“I don’t want to leave you. I love you so much and I can’t imagine my life without you. But I know that if I don’t have sex with another guy that I’ll always think about it. It will make me unhappy. I might do something truly stupid once we’re married. If I get it out of the way now I won’t have to think about it later.”

It made sense, I suppose. There was a great deal of back and forth about the whole thing, but ultimately we decided that she would fuck him. She would only give me his first name, James, and told me I couldn’t try and hunt him down. She didn’t want me obsessing about it. Good luck with that.

The night of her sex date with James I couldn’t do much of anything. I flipped through the television, distractedly watching a basketball game and a home improvement show and then trying a crappy movie. It was all just a half-assed way to pass the time though. My fiancée had another guy’s cock in her pussy at that moment, so of course I couldn’t enjoy anything.

It was a little after one in the morning when she came home. Her hair was a bit tousled but otherwise she looked perfectly put together. You’d never know she had just gotten laid.

I stood, my legs shaking just a bit as she walked towards me. She stopped in front of me and looked up, our eyes locking as she took my hand in hers. She seemed unsure of what to do and I felt the same way. I couldn’t help but imagine her lying on her back with James between her legs, thrusting into her pussy with what must have been a big cock. It left me weirdly aroused and disgusted at the same time.

Ultimately, my desire won out and I leaned forward to kiss her. It started as a soft and simple kiss, but my lips parted and she welcomed my tongue into her mouth. I kissed her desperately, a desire to reclaim my beautiful fiancée overcoming me.

Without speaking we both moved towards the bedroom, stumbling as our kissing continued. She kicked off her heels and I pulled off my shirt, leaving it on the floor before pushing the door open and picking her up. She fell into the bed together, my hands on her big breasts as my tongue continued to push into her mouth and dance with hers.

I moved back to pull my pants off and she removed her panties, spreading her legs and inviting me between them. She had used condoms with James, of course, but I entered her bare, enjoying how incredibly wet she was, no doubt from fucking her new man and her lust at being fucked by her soon-to-be-husband.

We had lusty, wild, passionate sex that night and we did it three times. We didn’t speak about James, at least not that night, instead choosing to let our thoughts remain in our heads where they were the fuel for our mutual desire. I’ve never been more aggressive with her and I’m not sure I’ve ever enjoyed sex quite as much as that night. It turns out that her taking a mutually agreed upon step outside our relationship was a good thing.