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Mistress Letty is usually available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. She may also be available on other days by special request. One week out the month she is completely unavailable. So see her while you can.

Hypnotic, Mesmerizing, Unforgettable. I have been given many cherished compliments over my eight years in the lifestyle. After my first two years of nightly exploration as both dom and sub, I was practically begged to go professional to share my essence with the world. But not just anyone can experience the wonder that is me…

With a high skill set comes high standards. I expect to be worshipped like a goddess, spoiled like a queen, and respected as your superior. Only then will you be allowed to rub my lamp and have your wishes come true, but remember, choose your words wisely! I welcome newcomers who are eager to learn and explore the world of kink, sexuality, and themselves. Many consider my sessions to be cathartic, fantasy-fulfilling and/or refreshing. But a takeaway everyone seems to receive from me, new or experienced, is that they have learned something, they have grown, they feel alive. And this goes both ways. With each session I gain more, I feed off our enjoyment and carry that energy with me until we meet again, and again, and again. You will likely become obsessed with me, but that’s okay, I’ll take care of you, forever and ever~

Some of my favorite fetishes are:
-anything to do with feet/shoes (no jobs)
-findom which can include gambling games and blackmail
-service play, get my groceries, drive me around, get my laundry done, live for my happiness
-degradation, the grosser the better
-humiliation, my mean streak is fierce and not suited for sensitive egos, you’ll develop Stockholm syndrome for my sense of humor lol
-worship, particularly with massage, verbal and gifts, pray, beg, kiss the ground I walk on
-feminization/sissification, lets go shopping, doll you up and whore you out~
-pet play, im vegan and LOVE animals
-abdl, in a non-sexual context only, no breastfeeding or brown diaper changes
-objectification, especially when I ignore you, furniture needs no attention
-wax play, I love seeing you wince as i turn you into art
-electro play, this can be like a massage with electricity…or like torture at the loony bin!
-roleplay, i love acting, escape reality with me (material requests costs extra though)
-impact, i love all violence, i have plenty of anger to let out and while skilled with weapons, this sadomasochist prefers barehands and feet.
-ballkicking/stomping, favorite fetish of all time. I take kickboxing classes and have been kicking men in the balls since I was young. Are you brave enough to try?

There are many more types of play I can do or am open to learning but I do have limits: I won’t do face sitting without a barrier and I only touch genitals with toys, for pleasure if you’ve earned it, but mostly for pain. I’m okay with brats but only if pre-negotiated and up to a certain point, I will not tolerate manipulation or coercion of any kind. I will only entertain public play in an adult only setting where these sexual acts are accepted (the only exception to this is gynarchy behavior such as service submission, PG roleplay, crossdressing, findom and PG humiliation, make the kids in the park laugh not traumatized). Aftercare is essential for both parties!!! This will be included in your session time, I do not care for wham bam thank you mam sessions, while play is fun it is also vulnerable and should be treated with care. If you do not have time to provide me with aftercare, an extra tip for the spa or a nice meal will suffice.

Aside from these services I am also a great conversationalist and am good company in general, you’ll never be bored with me around. I look forward to creating otherwordly memories with you 😉

DISCLAIMER:  I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no nudity or sex being offered.  Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.





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