The Takeover

Written by: 
Mistress Asha

Today is the day of my big interview with VP of a very big company. I am dressed in my best garters, and silkiest stockings, ready to take on this Head Honcho. We shall call him “MR F” for now. This will not be any ordinary interview, at least not for him. I do not just want a job; I want to own his company. My aim is to make him sign his company over to me by any means necessary.

If my beauty and brains are not enough, well then I will just have to add some of my sadistic charm…lol.

I enter his office, locking the door behind me unbeknownst to him. I introduce myself “Good morning MR F, I am here for the position of administrative assistant.”Have a seat” he replies as he drools over my cleavage peeking from the top of my white blouse. I can see him squirming in his chair, probably to fight his hard-on as I cross and uncross my legs, trying to get a glance of my panties and garters. As he turns to reach for files in his cabinet I cut the phone cord, I would not want to be interrupted.

“So Miss Asha, what makes you a great candidate for this position?” I reply, “I know what you need, and what I want. Let me show you Mr. F” I begin to unbutton my blouse and revealing more cleavage, I bend over the desk exposing more of my garter, to his pleasure. My long legs extending over his desk revealing a bit of my ass cheeks Men are so easy to tease, I place my leg in between his legs, pressing the front of my shoe on his barely there bulge. “Is your cock hard Mr. F” “Yes Asha it is, can I show you?”. I retort, “Please do! As he takes out his cock, I grab it and begin to tie the telephone cord around it; I push him back into his chair with my black high heel digging in his chest, while pulling at his cock with a telephone cord leash. Before he has the chance to yelp I shove his tie into his mouth. I begin to tie him to his chair using the rest of the phone cord, tying his hands behind his back and ankles together, NOW THE TAKEOVER BEGINS.

“Mr. F, you’re nothing more than a selfish, chauvinistic, sexist pig, and piggy needs to be taught a lesson. I think you need to know what it feels like for a woman to be hounded by impudent creatures like yourself.


Let us begin by adding some paper clamps to your nipples, we will leave them there for a bit, let us make your nipples sensitive like a woman’s nipples.


Well that portion already began when I tied your balls to a tee…TEE HEE…they look so plump, Can’t really think with that head now can you?


I am going to disrobe and you will see me in nothing more than my bra, panties, garters, and stockings, if you get hard I will slam you cock in the top drawer of your desk. With this method we should be able to maintain separation of the two heads, I am sure of it.


I have a contract here that you will sign releasing your company to me. I will make this company female owned and operated. In turn, I will allow you to service myself and the other women of this company. You will be objectified in any and every way possible. You will be a footstool, toilet, bidet, couch, and any other object fitting for myself and my other queens. You will be forced at time to sexually gratify yourself in front of every woman on a daily basis while we laugh, spit, kick, and humiliate you like the buffoon you are. You have no choice in this matter. Your other option is for me to release all of the pictures and videos I have of you harassing the women of this office to your wife and the entire company.


He sits shivering and he nods yes, as I knew he would. I untie his hands and release his gag; he is under my control now. “I agree Asha, but may I ask one thing?” May I pleasure myself to you? I reply,” Oh, no not today my pet”. On your first day of work, I am going to hold a conference announcing the new company overhaul, at which time you will pleasure yourself in front of me and all of the other NEW board members. All the women you harassed and filed complaints against you. I am sure you look forward to your first day of work. Oh by the way, you will not be going home this evening; I am handcuffing you to the toilet in my bathroom.

That will be your new office…LOL… SEE YOU EARLY TOMORROW SEXETARY……………………