Mistress Renee

Day scene:

I was just finishing dusting the furniture, as Mistress Renee came home, turned on her PC and started talking to her girlfriend on Skype. She turned on her camera, and as I was passing by I took a look at the screen and saw a face of her girlfriend, which looked quite surprised. Mistress explained me that her gf had never seen a true submissive beta male. She made me kneel before her, knees apart and hands behind my neck. Wearing only this awful pink nightie that Mistress made me buy prior to that, my shame was fully exposed to their scrutiny. Mistress’s friend was looking at me with a mixture of embarrassment and contempt. They started discussing what a beta male was. Mistress said that straight submissive betas were basically weak males, who failed to assume their masculine role and although attracted to women, weren’t able to satisfy them physically nor emotionally. The sense of guilt and shame that resulted from this failure lead the betas to assume a submissive role.

Mistress explained that most betas were sexually inadequate, either due to size issues, premature ejaculation, erectile dis function or lack of stamina. The girl commented that she had indeed never seen such puny genitals on a man. “I feel sorry for him, it must be hard to go through life with such a small penis” said the girl. Mistress agreed and added that in my case the “lack of balls” wasn’t just metaphorical and encouraged her friend to try and find the testicles under my little member. The girl declined the offer so Mistress leaned over and started squeezing my scrotum making me gasp and whimper. The girl asked if i could have an erection and Mistress said that she wasn’t sure but that they should put me to the test.

She ordered me to takes her shoes off and worship her feet. She explained to her friend that betas are so sexually frustrated that they generally develop a very primal, animalistic craving for female scents and since they are unfuckable, they try to develop great oral skills. She ordered me to remove her sweaty stockings and lick her feet clean. As I obeyed the other girl couldn’t believe her eyes and stared giggling nervously. Mistress explained that I had been trained by numerous dominant females through the years to offer the most humble forms of body worship, pervy stuff that a woman would probably not get from a real man. But when they checked what was going on between my legs, my dicklette was as limp as before. “Maybe he is not into feet” said the girl sweetly. “Oh no, that isn’t the problem darling, let me show you…” said Mistress. She stood up and turned around. “Lower my sweats and put you face in my ass”. Kneeling behind her, i obeyed with trembling hands. She was wearing a gstring. I delicately pressed my nose against the upper part of her crack and got a whiff of her musky scent. “I said IN my ass, part the cheeks and get in there slave.” she barked. I obeyed and this time my face sank between the globes of her from but fleshy butt. The heat and the scent emanating from her crack made me dizzy. Her friend started rolling with laughter. I felt a stir in my loins, a flow of blood in my penis… After a moment, Mistress turned around and this time she pressed my face in her thick black pubes just barely covered by the see-through underwear.. Instinctively my hand reached for my crotch. “Hands behind your back! breathe deeply!” she ordered. My penis was stiffening and started pulsating. “Oh look, something’s happening” said her friend.

My little penis had grown of about two inches and was leaking drops of precum.

“Eeew.. gross” said the girl “it looks like a snail!”

Within a few seconds under the girls scrutiny, the tension in my member subsided and my dicklette shriveled back to it’s original diminutive size.

“Maybe he is a masochist?” ventured her girlfriend.

“You know what, you are absolutely right! Thank you!” She sits back on the sofa and orders me to lay down on her lap. I know what is coming and dread it… “I am not a masochist Ma’am, please!”

“On my lap now!” she reiterates firmly.

The over the knees spanking that ensued, was one of the hardest I ever received from a woman’s bare hand. Mistress was incredibly strong for her size. Soon I was screaming in pain and wiggling like a maggot on the girls laps. After a few minutes I started crying and begging them to stop. They made me stand up and present myself. My dicklette had almost desappeared into my body. Disappointed, they concluded that the spanking wasn’t hard enough to get me hard and Mistress resumed the punishment. She made me stand up and turned my face to the wall, restraining my arms and legs. I felt extremely valnurable. Now I started sobbing like a baby and begged for mercy. To shut me up she shoveled all her sweaty stockings in my mouth. My penis was like a wet noodle.

“ok, last try…” said Mistress and started using all her tool to make sure all my rear side becomes red. First she tried a paddle, next one was a riding crop, afterwords was a whip… and just when I though that the worst is over, she showed me her cane… My ass was sore, looked like a pink zebra – dark pink with red bleeding stripes.

“I don’t think that pain is working either” she was now squeezing the testicles like a stress ball. “I can’t believe how mushy these little grapes are… there is really nothing there!!”

I was a mess, flushed and drenched with tears.

Mistress girlfriend looked sorry for me and passed me a kleenex.

“Anyway” said Mistress ” now at least we know that you are completely impotent, morty. Why didn’t you tell us right away, silly! It’s ok to have a limp dicklette, a lot of true betas are… It’s actually a good thing, it allows you to focus on serving your mistress, right?”

I nodded, still crying and on my knees, with the pink nightie now rolled up around my chest. I must have looked truly pathetic.

Night scene:

It has been half an hour since she got back.

She sent me a text message saying that she was ten minutes away and that she wanted me to wait for her kneeling right behind the entrance door.

When she got in, she found me there, wearing only my chastity cage and a pair of panties, sitting on my heels and looking down. She hung her coat, dropped her shopping bags, then grabbed me by the ear and walked to her study. I did my best to follow her while she frog marched me down the corridor. At the door she pointed to the ground and just said: “ass up, forehead to the floor”. She took her shoes off and she slid one under me nose. It had been a hot day and the scent was strong. She then lowered my panties at half mast and walked into her study. I heard her open a few drawers and then she came back. Suddenly I felt pressure on my anus. “relax, open up..” She had abundantly lubed the small plug and it entered quite easily. I was familiar with that plug, she was now using it every time I was doing corner time. It has a little bell attached to it’s base. If I move even slightly it rings. If it rings I get punished.

She entered the study again but this time she closed the door behind her. Here I am, in the dark corridor, with my nose in her shoe and my ass in the air. How long is she going to keep me like this?… Last time a cramp made me move and the bell rang… She heard it. She walked out, unplugged me without a word and then inserted something else into me. Something smaller. She then went back to her business and closed the door.

It turned out to be a piece of ginger. After just a minute my asshole was on fire. By the time she walked out and told me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up, there was a little puddle in her shoe. A puddle of tears…

I am hurting all over already. I am starting to sweat. How long is she going to keep me like this? I am afraid of the electric shock but now I am so uncomfortable, so worried to make the bell ring that I start praying for the jolt. Please Mistress, please press that button… Shock me once but then relieve me! And then suddenly, as if she had heard my silent prayer I get it. It makes me jump and squeal…She pressed the button on the remote control and the electric plug delivered a quick jolt inside my ass. Low voltage… Thank God… I cant even imagine what it would be if she chose to go for the maximum voltage. It would break me open.

Anyway, the jolt means that corner time is over and that she wants to see me. I knock on the door. “Come in morty”. Panties still at half mast, head down, i quickly shuffle into the room and kneel at her feet.

She is sitting in her leather armchair, legs crossed. She is on the phone: “thank you doctor, your advise was very helpful, let me have a word with him and tell him what we discussed. I’ll call your office as soon as we are ready to set a date for the intervention… Yes, by now…” She hangs up and uncrosses her legs, puts down the phone and leans over.

She takes a good look at me. I don’t dare making eye contact.

Come here and give them to me.

I know what she wants, we have been there many times before. Her hand is laying on her knee. Palm up. Waiting.

Still on my knees I push my self forward until my crotch is right above her hand. Then slowly I lower myself.

As soon as my scrotum touches the skin of her palm, she closes her fingers. An image flashes behind my close eyelids, that of a carnivorous flower eating an insect.

Her other hand is holding a pair of nail clippers and with one swift move she cuts the plastic padlock. She opens her hand again.

– “Undo it!”

With trembling fingers i free myself from the cage. My genitals are now resting in her open palm. Slowly she closes her fingers. They are so soft yet so strong.

I am conscious of how easily my whole manhood, penis and balls, has disappeared at once in her hand. In her slender feminine hand. Did the cock cage, over time, make me even smaller than I already was? Not getting an erection for months, being kept at minimal flaccid size – not even two inches… Did it cause permanent shrinkage?

Another image flashes in my mind: Mistress holding her boyfriend cock while sucking on it. Her left hand is caressing and cupping his heavy balls. She only manages to hold one testicle at a time as the other rolls out. The right hand grasps his cock, the shaft is so thick that her index and thumb don’t even meet.

As she squishes my little package a few times, playfully, like if it were a stress ball, my shriveled penis pops out of her grip and rolls over the base of her thumb. She looks at it with a smile, while holding on to the testicles. It looks so pink and vulnerable against her tanned skin.

What’s that now? There’s a maggot in the nut bag?

I sigh as I feel my penis starting to stiffen. I can’t help it, her fingers are so warm after weeks in the cage.

As she notices my penis moving slightly she squeezes the balls. I let out a little cry.

How long has it been since the last release morty?

One month Ma’am.

Really? Already? Are you sure?

Yes Ma’am.

So why do this little balls feel so soft and squishy? Shouldn’t they be all full and hard by now? They don’t weight anything…

She opens her hand flat and makes them bounce on her hand. It hurts.

Did you milk yourself without permission?

No Ma’am i swear!

How pathetic… Listen morty, there is something I need to tell you…

Yes Ma’am.

I have been discussing this for a while with your ex wife, my girlfriend…more to come!