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About Me

Submission, servitude, obedience, and divine cruelty. The relinquishment of one’s self is to be able to free yourself in the hands of the divine. This Queen and Pain Goddess, will not only show you that beauty comes with pain, that servitude comes with discipline, strict training, and above all, to satisfy the ever growing need to be beneath the feet of a Queen whose mere presence will bring you to your knees, and praying for mercy that will never come.

Sadism is my symphony, Pain my orchestra, To serve under my creative, and often evilly sadistic desires is a honor not many are able to receive, nor keep. Serving this Queen takes hard work, openness, and honesty, as I am able to pick you apart, dissecting you to your very core, and reassembling you to my vision. Like a work of art, I design you to my liking, with  my artful mastery. To be placed beneath me is a privilege, a privilege that can and will be easily revoked if i see fit to do so.  If you enter the domain of this Queen, expecting leniency, mercy, and above all, sweetness, then you have entered the wrong throne room, and you will be met with a severe rude awakening. Do not bore me.

Sadism, cruelty, and the destruction of your mind and your senses are my forte, and my will. My divine prowess, experience, and creative cruelty will be all you need to unburden yourself of the every day, and allow my divine royalty to take that from you, and transform it into something useful to me.  You wish to serve me? To allow me to take all your fantasies and make them a reality? Then enter my throne room slave, bow down before your Queen, and plead your loyalties towards me. After all, the moment you entered this throne room, you were already mine.

Fetishes that bring entertainment and utter joy to this Queen are:

Corporal punishment/impact play/humiliation/degradation/slave-training/bondage/ sensory-play/ sensory deprivation/ body worship/ foot worship/force-feminization/CBT/Petplay/Finacial Domination/Human furniture/Medical play/sissy play/OTK/flogging/ballbusting/wax-play/chasity/latex&leather fetish/canning/heel&boot fetish/public humilation/smothering/FLD/restraints/

I do not engage in any sexual activities, nor do I do nudity of any kind.

DISCLAIMER:  I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no nudity or sex being offered.  Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.





5ft 6in

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Incall, Outcall, Telephone


Dominant, Couples


Middle Eastern






Fantasy, Semi Competitive

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