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Allow me to introduce Dylan Gong, hailing from the vibrant heart of NYC. Since childhood, Dylan Gong’s discovery of BDSM films online left an indelible mark on their memory. This pivotal encounter, along with various other formative experiences, gradually shaped Dylan into the Domme fantasy fulfiller they are today.

Dylan Gong boasts a rich multi year tenure in the scene playing almost everyday. Within this time, they created beautiful transforming scenes in esteemed NYC commercial dungeons. Beyond the commercial realm, Gong actively engage in the lifestyle circuit, they are a true deviance at heart. 

Standing tall at a commanding height of 5’10 , Dylan Gong is a force to be reckoned with. Their physique, reminiscent of a marble statue, bears the mark of intense fight training and the rigorous demands of their man-handling scenes, capable of lifting you with the finesse of plucking a delicate flower. With siren eyes that penetrate your innermost desires, resistance becomes futile in the presence of this ethereal beauty. Gong possesses a unique gift for intuitively connecting with their play partners’ emotions, physical sensations, and pleasures. Renowned for their high-energy, cinematic scenes, Dylan Gong transports you from the mundane confines of reality into the tantalizing fantasy realm they meticulously craft. Gong’s commitment lies in curating a secure, ethical, and bespoke journey for each submissive/client, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

Dylan Gong is well trained and enjoys various bdsm activities some include :

-All forms of Bondage ( rope / latex / mummification / leather are a personal fave , Gong is trained in Shibari)

-Discipline/Behavioral training (Struggling with a challenging habit? Gong specializes in employing both physical and psychological methods to address and correct it effectively.)

-Full Roleplay Scenes (Are you eager to bring to life a specific fantasy that has occupied your thoughts incessantly, longing to be transported into its realm? Gong, a shapeshifter at heart, delights in crafting roleplays that blur the lines between fantasy and reality, ensuring an immersive experience like no other.)

-Pure Overstimulation (Propelling you past your typical sensory thresholds involves inducing intense physical sensations, whether they manifest as pain or pleasure, and delving into psychological avenues, such as amplifying emotional intensity or provoking mental stimulation.)

-Dominance & Submission Dynamics (Establishing power dynamics, Gong effortlessly showcases their innate dominance, seamlessly guiding you into the submissive role with ease.)

-Sissification ( With a diverse background in various roles within the fashion industry and a deeply personal gender journey of their own, Gong possesses the unique capability to seamlessly transform you into your dream feminine persona that is personally tailored to you.)

-Medical Fetish ( With a variety of tools, Gong transforms into the sexy doctor that capable of sounds , enemas , needle play/tattoo play which Gong is taught and skilled in etc.)

-Tease & Denial ( Many of Gong’s scenes often incorporate a bit of tease and denial play because Gong delights in using your own pleasures against you in a psychological manner, leaving you begging for release—a release that may not come.)

-Fantasy/semi competitive wrestling (Gong also trains in MMA fighting so get ready for a beat down!)

-Slut Training ( Let Gong show you how it feels to be the greatest slut you could possibly be , they are known for their intense slut training. Come as a shy beginner then leave as a proud slut !) 

-All variations of Corporal Punishment / Electro play 

Gong has many other interests but we would be here reading for hours ….. *inquire about other interests*

DISCLAIMER:  I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no nudity or sex being offered.  Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.





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