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    Reviewed by: Brent says:

    Dear Supreme being Kat
    Put letter in mail for you today, I know I am not worthy to be your slave, thank you!. Worship you. Love to meet you some day but not likely going to ever happen. I am satisfied just to serve you and do for you even if we never meet. I want you to be my female god and master. I worship you and my place is at your command. I pray to be your property and I submissively worship you. You are above any god, goddess or any religion.

    I choose you for my heaven and want to spend eternity as your property and pray to you as my supreme god, the most high.

    Reviewed by: Brent says:

    I hope that slave get blessed,nice revieu,so sincere.

    Reviewed by: Umar says:

    Goddess Kat is the very epitome that defines what it means to be a Domme that not only knows Her way around any sub; big small. Confident, shy, female, male, experienced or new to the scene but how to provide a quality experience for both parties. Of all the 7or 8 Dommes i have served Goddess Kat is by far the most confident in her skills, comfortable in her environment and all out intimidating (in a good way) i have ever felt as a sub. My hour or so spent serving her felt both natural and professional at the same time. She quickly understood my fetish, addressed my limits and briefly began the least forgettable session ill ever experience! W/we began with Goddess Kat analyzing me and figuring me out for why i am with her and how to deal with me: a skill I have yet to see any other Domme pull off to this day.as the session progressed the Goddess seemed to have an agenda pre planned in a sense were She started off rough pushing my boundaries and then immediately bringing me back to a relaxed state; which I consider to be the core of an ideal domination session. After that she finally addressed my interests ( foot worship and massage while leased and collared) and managed to do so in a way that led to an excellent end to a professional session that I’d considered my best one to this day. If only i can serve her in a lifestyle/personal setting i would essentially be in heaven. To all those considering a session at Pandora’s box or anywhere for that matter do Your self a solid and book one with Goddess Kat. You will most certainly not regret it!