Slave Walter awakes with a sharp pain in the testicles. He peers up to see me standing above him, my stiletto on his crotch, and begins to whimper. “Please m-m-m-Mistress, forgive me…… me………. ” he stammers. It’s 9 am, and he’s been sleeping on my kitchen floor, dressed in nothing but his frilly little maid’s outfit.

“I thought I told you to have slave Michael out of his cage and making my breakfast by 9 am. Do you know what time it is?!” He tries to grasp at my dress, his hands rubbed raw from scrubbing the floor all night.

“Please, please,” he begs, “I accidentally fell asleep, and……. it’ll never happen again, my Mistress, and……..”

“Shut your pathetic mouth! There is no excuse for you; you are a disgrace!” I scream. I stomp on his balls again, then drag him to his knees by his ear. “You miserable pile of shit, you will be punished severely for this,” I hiss acidly to him. “Not another word. Bring slave Michael a bucket of ice water to wash with, and let him out of his cage. Move your ass, stupid!”

“Yes, Mistress,” he blubbers pathetically, and scurries out of the room. A few minutes later, he returns with slave Michael, who is naked, covered in goose bumps, his penis tiny as usual from his ice water bath. I point and laugh. “Well, at least you’ve amused me this morning, but that’s not getting you off the hook either. Make my coffee and breakfast now!!”

“Yes, Mistress,” he says, trembling, as he frantically gets out the pots and pans. “That’s not all,” I tell him. “I was going to reward the two of you with some nice turkey sandwiches. I’ve changed my mind.”

“Oh, please give them to us, we had no supper last night,” slave Walter whines.

“You have some nerve to complain!!” I scream, and kick his balls again, as he howls in pain. “Take out the sandwiches.” I let them salivate, as I languidly enjoy my meal. When I’m finished, I order them to take the meat from their sandwiches, and feed it to my cats. They all fill up contentedly and curl up for a nap.”Good, and don’t look so sad, at least you can still eat bread and lettuce.” I spit on their food and shove it into their mouths. “You should be grateful for that, you cunts! Walter, go and get me the collar and gravel.” He rushes to obey me, and soon returns with an electric shock dog collar and remote, and a bag of gravel. “Dump out the gravel.” He obeys, and watches in dismay, as all of his hard work polishing the floor is ruined by his own hands. I grab the collar, and wrap it around his balls. “Now, kneel on the gravel.” He’s whimpering now, and I box his ears. “Move it, fatass!!!”

“Yes Mistress, yes Mistress,” he sobs helplessly, as he kneels, and the granite begins to dig into his flesh.

“From now on, your title will be ‘Piss Face’, and you, Michael, will be ‘Dick Breath’.”

“Why, Mistress?” slave Michael asks. I turn to him and twist his balls in my fist.

“Did I ask you a fucking question, Dick Breath?” “No, Mistress.”

“Then shut the fuck up!!! You know what, I’ll shut you up myself”. I take out a big rubber cock, and shove it into his mouth, until he gags. “This is only the beginning of the meaning of your new name, mister twenty questions! Deep throat this cock, and hold yourself completely still, until I tell you to move, or you’ll be sorry!” I spit into both of his eyes, and as it drips down his face, he dares not move. Then I turn back to Walter. “We’re going to play a little game, Piss Face. I stand over him and tilt his head back. I piss all over his face first, and then the rest of his body, until he is completely soaked and dripping. “Everyone knows that liquid increases the flow of electricity, right?”

“Yes, but, oh please don’t………. my balls are so sore already……. have mercy!” He shrieks in pain, as I use the remote to shock his balls, again and again, laughing hysterically.

“Look at how your little cock shrivels up! It looks like a wrinkly Vienna sausage! Ha ha ha ha!” I point and double over in laughter. I continue to shock him, and each time I do, the gravel digs deeper into his knees, until he’s bleeding. “Ok, that’s enough.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you,” he sobs, kissing my feet. “Not so fast,” I say mockingly. “I’m not finished with you. Dick Breath, take that cock out of your mouth, and shove it up Piss Face’s ass, no lube. Now!!”

Dick Face obeys and vigorously rapes Piss Face, as I go to strap on my hugest rubber cock. “Ok, Dick Breath, it’s time to live up to your new title.” His eyes bulge and his mouth gapes, as he stares at my enormous new appendage. Piss Face is crying now, and the cock Dick Face is fucking him with is covered in blood and shit. “Oh, Piss Breath, you’re such a little baby! You want to cry? I’ll give you something to cry about, pussy! Take it! Dick Face, fuck him harder, and don’t stop until I tell you!!”

Just then, the doorbell rings. It’s Mistress Jasmine, coming to visit at teatime. I tell her disdainfully, “I’m so sorry that I don’t have tea and shortcakes, but my slaves have been a bit of a problem today. One of them is crying like a baby, and it’s getting on my nerves, that he just can’t seem to take his punishment in stride.”

“I have just the thing for him, if he’s going to be such a little baby,” she says, as she whips out a pretty pink bonnet and pacifier from her handbag.

“Perfect!” I exclaim. “He’s the one kneeling, with the piss all over him.”

“Oh, I’m so glad you have a toilet, I really have to pee. May I use it?” she asks.

” Me cas is su casa.” She squats over him and orders him to drink and be grateful for the privelage. He complies, which is wonderful to observe, because Dick Breath is still pounding his poor asshole. As he chokes down as much piss as he can, I continue to shock him for missing multiple drops of pee. I tell him he is a pathetic, miserable failure, and he begs for my forgiveness. I tell him, “Don’t beg me, beg Jasmine, because you have failed her as well.”

“Oh please forgive me, Mistress Jasmine, I’ll do a perfect job next time!” I tell him that this time, Dick Breath is going to take his punishment for him, and to get out of my sight, because if I have to look at him for another second, I’m going to vomit all over him. He hobbles away, bowlegged, but not before I order him to fetch a foot long dildo with rubber balls, for Jasmine to play with.

“Dickface, you look a little too relieved. Did you really think I was finished with you?” He begins to blubber and whine again, which agitates both Jasmine and I. “Take that shit and blood covered cock that you were fucking Piss Face with, and slap yourself across the face with it, onto both of your cheeks!!” He complies reluctantly, smearing repusive bodily fluids all over himself, but too afraid to disobey. He starts to cry and tries not to gag. “Oh, you want to complain, do you??!! Cry like a baby?? That’s it! Fuck yourself in the face with that cock, you faggot, and tell us you love it!”

“I love it, I love it, Mistresses'” he blubbers, gagging some more. Jasmine puts the bonnet on him and shoves the pacifier into his mouth. She tells him he’s the ugliest baby she’s ever seen, but if he whines like a baby and can’t take his punishment, then that’s what he deserves, and nothing less.I saunter over and yank out his pacifier, quickly replacing it with my big strap on dick. I fuck his face, and tell him that this is what a real dick feels like, not the sad little breakfast link hanging uselessly between his legs. He remembers what I did to Piss Face, and dares not answer back. Jasmine has fun beating him in the face with her cock, and we alternate, until we are sore from all the laughing.

Then I tell them they are going to get the electric wedgie. We have fun putting them in panties, then attaching them to the suspension pole, with hooks attached to the panties.As the suspension lifts them off the floor, their panties hold strong, and they wail miserably.Piss Face and Dick Breath then spend the remainder of the evening in this position, as we enjoy our teatime and reminisce……….