Dear Mistress Mia

Hopes of shaping our next session to maximize my degradation , while encouraging your enjoyment and ideally your benefit.  I am enchanted with your demeanor, confidence, and the way you make me feel wanted and special while simultaneously still miles beneath you.  You seem amused if not apologetic for my awkward enthusiasm for degradation and my afinity for the disgusting.  You possess an intoxicating mixture of intrigue and desire that I have fantasized about as long as I can remember.

 I sit in silent compliance, begging you with the softest breath for acknowlegement.  I feel pangs of excitement as you torment me, using my own words agsinst me, sharing my admiration with your followers and exposing my shame.  I must thank you.  Never have I felt so insecure and miniscule, yet the acknowlegement gives me a sense of pride that I’ve somehow pleased you with my adoring words.

I kneel to write this, for no ones benefit but my own…. compelled by a desire to beg, to plead with you for a response.  Please share with me your thoughts on my pitiful desires.  Please tell me our desires are one in the same and that I was meant to long for that which you discard and grovel for moments of your attention.  Please tell me my fantasies are pathetic and you will exploit the desires which make me weak. Please tease me for wanting this, for begging you to ignore me to the point I can no longer take.  Please mock me for sending you money with hopes you will reply, tell me how stupid I must be for sending you money for an email, and laugh at me knowing that even after you mock me, I will do it again.

Please at least acknowlege my plea and say that you are enjoying my suffering… that this is your game and you are laughing at my willingness to play.

Please know that I kneel here tormented by you each day, refreshing my inbox with hopes of a reply, growing more disappointed each time, but never losing patience.  Never losing the understanding of my place as an inferior person, and embracing that feeling and treating it as a gift from You.

Thank you for making me feel small, but hopeful.

– Slave M