A)Meal Time

In the dungeon the slave sees 3 covered platters before him with their contents written on a placard. The first reads roast turkey with mashed potatoes & gravy the second reads macaroni& cheese, the third reads falsely & hummus on pita. “We have a long, tortuous day of school ahead of us fuck wart ,” Amara tells the slave. “Treat yourself to something tasty that will give you strength for your lessons.” The slave is amazed that the mistress is letting him choose for himself. He thinks the first meal sounds delicious so he uncovers the platter. There is no food but a card that reads : You are an asshole! Turkeys are intelligent animals who enjoy having their feathers stroked and listening to music, with which they will often sing quite loudly. In nature, turkeys can fly 55 miles an hour, run 25 miles an hour, and live up to four years*. “You could only wish to have the intelligence of a turkey and not that of a used cumrag. You are beneath these beautiful creatures. They do not deserve to suffer to end up as extra padding to your gut” Amara says. “Read on. there’s more.”

The card continues to say :But the story’s very different for turkeys on factory farms: They will be killed when they are only 5 or 6 months old, and during their short lives, they will be denied even the simplest pleasures, like running, building nests, and raising their young. Thousands of turkeys are crammed into filthy sheds after their beaks and toes are burned off with a hot blade. Many suffer heart failure or debilitating leg pain, often becoming crippled under the weight of their genetically manipulated and drugged bodies. When they arrive at the slaughterhouse, their throats are cut and their feathers burned off—often while they are still fully conscious.*


“As a punishment you will have a taste of the farmed turkeys’ pain instead of tasting the turkey itself” Amara quickly binds the slave in a body harness, and ties his hands behind his back. She binds his feet tight with rope so the blood cannot go to his toes. She ties his hard cock up tight and retrieves some hot wax. She drips it over his dick. “You like how that tastes fuck wart? Maybe we should cut your cock off and eat that for lunch.” She pours the hot wax over his erect nipples, rips the information card in two and slaps it over each wax-covered nipple. “I’m going to rub this in real nice over your fat sissy tits and maybe you’ll soak up the information that way since your tiny brain doesn’t seem to work very well. She forces him to his knees, by pushing down on his shoulders He is still bound in rope. She sits on a chair before him.

“Now I have to drug you turkey.” She pick up a small china dish with crushed powder. She sprinkles a long trail of it on her leg from her toe to her thigh. “Snort this off my leg cock gobbler” she orders him. “What is it Mistress?” the slave asks “It’s Viagra; it will enhance your meat. Go on now take your medicine” She commands. The slave bends his head down as best he can under restraints. Wobbling, he snorts the line, makes it up to her knee and loses his balance, falling into the table. Amara laughs. ” After lunch time I will put you on a leash and we’ll go watch the catholic school boys and girls have recess. I know how that excites a sick fuck like you. Your meat will be so hard, but your hands will be tied. You will be hard for hours yet unable to do anything about it but suffer.” With the slave bound on the floor, Amara takes the third platter and helps herself to lunch. She eats almost all of it but saves some pita. she rolls the slave onto his back with her foot and sits on his chest. “I think this turkey needs some stuffing.” She chews up a mouthful of pita and yanks the slaves mouth open by pinching his nose back with a hard pull. she spits the chewed up bread into his mouth hole. “What do you say slave?”

“Thank you mistress Amara,” The slave says.
She rips the waxed paper off his nipples and leads him out to the school yard.

  1. B) Classroom


It is time for class and the slave must write on the chalkboard 100 times I WILL NEVER EAT COCK AGAIN. All the while receiving verbal abuse from his mistress. “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU COCKSUCKER! That’s all you think about isn’t it? Having a nice big fat cock in your mouth while you should be worshiping your mistress!” “No mistress,” the slave quivers. “I Don’t Believe you Maggot!” Amara orders the slave to the stool in the corner. “Pull down your pants you retarded little monkey!” The slave complies. “Bend over the stool! I want to see that fat hairy ass in the air!” “Yes Mistress” says the slave. With the slave bare-ass-ed and slumped over the stool, Amara ties his wrists and ankles to the wooden legs. She stalks over to her desk and pulls out a wooden ruler from the top drawer. “You’ve been a naughty slave with a filthy mid” You haven’t been paying attention to your lesson so I’m going to ensure that you wont even be able to sit down without feeling the warm sting of your Mistress.” Amara measures out ten spankings on the Slave’s pasty white ass. “You’re right mistress,”the slave gasped,”I’ve been bad. Please go easy on me.”

Mistress Amara laughs, “I’ve only just gotten started you pathetic sissy boy!” She measures out 50 much harder spankings, each one sending the slaves head forward and into the wall. “Mistress pleeeeeeease, “screams he slave, his head throbbing and speckled with chalk dust from the wall,”My ass can’t take any more!!” Amara looks and sees that thanks to her punishment, the slaves ass is indeed welted and bright red. She lowers down near the slave, softly runs her fingers through his hair from the crown of his head to his hairline and then yanks hard so his whole head jerks back and his ear is level with her mouth. She says softly ” First you daydream during your lesson and now you’re going to lie to your mistress?! I KNOW your ass can take more.” straightening up she walks to her desk with a smirk and declares ” we’re going to make your ass so red it will glow in the dark and your TV will short-circuit”

“Sounds painful but you lost me mistress” said the slave. Amara rolls her eyes and slaps him across the head “Mid-infrared light waves are used in TV remotes that dickheads like you rely of to distract them from the meaninglessness of their personal lives. I could have my kindergarten class come in and draw you a pretty color diagram of the light spectrum so you can understand but we haven’t got time for that . Besides, I know rainbows give you a hard- on anyhow and we don’t want to scare the children.” She opens the bottom desk drawer, pulls out a shiny 8 inch cock . She hocks a loogey to moisten it. she unties the slaves wrists. “Pledge Allegiance slave!!!” He obediently takes the dildo thrusts it in and out of himself while saying ” I pledge allegiance to the cock for the retarded slaves of Amara-ca.”


ii.Sex ED- the Dirty Virgin

It is time for sex education. The slave is ordered to escort his Mistress Professor to the bathroom on his back. The slave learns about a snow white virgin named Kimberly Clark who has a very dirty secret. Mistress wants the slave to learn the lesson that Kimberly Clark uses virgin forrest to make her income and as a consequence hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down each year and hundreds of garbage trucks of excess by-product waste are produced.


“Nobody really likes a vanilla- colored virgin do they slave?”

“No mistress.”

“Far better to soak up experience, add some color to your life, some flavor…and leave the trees intact.”

“Yes Mistress”

“I know you have little experience with women and their anatomy. Today you will become well-acquainted with the nature of women while helping to preserve our natural forests. You will become a human toilet. You will eat the shit, piss and menstruation of everyone in this building. You will become a connoisseur of human excretion. You will drink so much female piss they’ll you’ll be able to discern who’s about to get their period and who’s just had one. You will be able to taste the difference between an alcoholic and those who abstain. You’ll have sloppy seconds of everyone’s dinner via eating their shit! Instead of toilet paper you will hand them these cloth wipes which you will hand-wash at the end of your toilet servitude.” “I love golden showers mistress”

“You are to take all the fluids orally, scumfuck! If i get word that you are taking the golden showers on your chest or failing to swallow these gifts then you will meet Lulu. Lulu is the big bear Leather Daddy who lives next door who loves nothing more than beating off and cumming over little pussy men like yourself. Just a warning he unloads like a shotgun blast and had no qualms about spraying in your eye, so you better behave!”

”Yes Mistress”
’Here are the cloths. Make yourself useful in your downtime and fold them up nicely for the Mistresses.” Amara slaps the slave’s ball goodbye and leaves him to his duties.


Class- Where do you get your Protein From?

Amara leads her slave into the padded wrestling room. “You are grotesque and out of shape slave! You have allowed a factory food lifestyle to wreak havoc on your body. You have seem to have no will power or sense of control over your physique at all. You are here for ME to wreak havoc on your body. For ME to inflict pain unto. For ME to torture. BEING a lifeless FAT ASS SISSY is such a passive means of torture. Amara slaps the slave’s nipples and amuses herself making his flesh jiggle. “Does it feel good after you’ve engorged yourself on shit food slave?” “No mistress!” ” I’ll abuse you. Get you worked up. and if you make it through alive I promise you will feel so much better,” she says as she walks behind him coolly. reaches his cock from behind and gives it a hard twist. “First we’re going to box. Don’t worry about hurting me I doubt you’ll get in one punch. She orders the slave to suit her up in vinyl-covered boxing gloves and to do so himself after.

Once geared-up she immediately launches into a brutal assault of punches and kicks. The slave flops about the room enjoying himself as a pitiful rag doll in the clutches of sexed-up hyperactive tigress. “Whips and flogs are always fun” says Amara through hot breaths “But there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned ass-whooping” She has her fun beating him mercilessly for a good while. She eventually lets up briefly and takes a seat ” You’ve made me thirsty. Feed me my water and splash some on my face” “Yes mistress” the slave obliges. “Now take of my stalkings and lick my sweaty feet” Again the slave obliges. “Breaks over now we’re going to put those pitiful muscles to work!” Amara grabs a wooden caning rod and orders him through a series of boot camp drills. 200 jumping jacks. “Faster you cum-gurgling Nancy! …Jump Higher you shit-stained pig-fucker! 50 push-ups “If you didn’t eat so many Twinkies you might actually be able to do a real push-up fuckwad! Up! Down! Up Down! Kiss the ground and up again!” “Yes mistress,” the slave utters trembling to hold himself up “I’m sorry what? Didn’t quite hear that. I”m not your mole-covered sea cow of a wife. I am Your Mistress! Speak to me like I deserve!” ” YES MISTRESS AMARA!” The slave answers loudly. Still struggling through his drills Squat- thrusts “Unfortunately for you slave, giving RIMJOBS to schoolboys isn’t part of my drill program or you might actually be good at something!” She clamps clothespins on his nipples and penis to crank up the pain. “Faster you Pantie-sniffing Inbred!” The slave is worn out, bruised and ready to collapse ” Up! Again Dough boy we’re not done yet!!!

Shortly after, the slave can not pull himself up any longer. He lays in a slump at Amara’s feet. She Kicks at him and tramples his dick. Spits on his chest “How is that McGlutton sandwich you ate yesterday treating you? You’re asking your body to break down a pile of trash with nothing to show for it. If you start eating like you give a damn you wouldn’t be such a failure.” she kicks him again hard. You will be sore for days to come but if you listen to me and make it through a few more drill sessions you will thank me” She pulls off all the clothes pins, causing the slave to writhe. She Dumps a pitcher of ice water on him and closes him in to rest a bit. Minutes later Amara returns with a leash ,blindfold and whip in hand. “Still tuckered out slave? we need to replenish your electrolytes.” The slave peers up. “Thank you Mistress,” he says. She slips the blindfold over the slave’s eyes and straps the collar and leash around his neck. She kicks at his body and says, “On your hands and knees dick boy! We’re going to get you some Bi vitamins to help your revolting body synthesize proteins.” She leads him down the hall like a puppy to the torture room. He cannot see that the room is full of slaves the mistresses have tied up to various torture devices. They all are blindfolded. “These pathetic slaves have all greatly disappointed their mistresses. They’ve been very bad and for failing to please their owners they have not been permitted to release. They have all snorted their Viagra earlier as you have slave. They are full of cum and need you to service them. You will suck them all to completion and in return the vitamins will restore y our energy.” “Thank you mistress” Amara leads him to a bondage table where a scrawny white-haired man is supine, shackled by is wrists and ankles. “OK mutt! Hop up on the table and suck Grandpa’s cock while he eats your asshole!” The slave obeys. She removes the old man’s blindfold so he can get an eyeful of hairy, sweaty asshole pumping in and out of his nose and tongue.
”How does that wrinkly cock taste mutt?”
He turns his head and answers,” like scotch and kerosene Mistress.”
”Did I say stop sucking dick boy?”
”No Mistress,” he says and hurriedly grabs the old man’s cock back up with his mouth. Amara cracks him in the back with her whip.
”Do you love how it tastes?”
”mmmhmmmph,” he answers, still working.
”Well suck faster! Suck harder you have 3 more saves to finish off here,”she orders.

So the slave does as he is commanded. His muscles are weak from the brutal workout and it feels good to have his ass licked, even by a scrawny old man. The old man slows down his licking as his is about to cum he can’t do much to service as the moans escape him. He squirts a pitiful amount and Amara’s slave easily swallows it all. “Good boy,” she assures him as she yanks on the leash signaling I’m to jump down off the table. “Well that was just an appetizer. are you ready for the main course?” she asks. “Yes, Mistress,” the slave answers. “OK mutt. Hop up on this kneeling table and bend over it forwards.” The slave moves forward slowly as he is still blindfold. He feels the knee rest and gets into position. He drapes his arms around the chest rest, and Amara ties them securely in place. “Stay put,”she laughs,” I’ll be right back.”

Amara retrieves two of the more fit slaves in their 30’s from the holding cage. She places one in front, and one behind the kneeling table. “You assholes might all claim to be straight but today we will prove otherwise. You’ve all taken your medicine and your dicks look hard to me!” She ties one slaves ankles to the base of the kneeler, and ties both of their wrists to the others so that they meet in the middle of the table, at each side of her personal slave. “OK fuck faces I think you know what you’re expected to do.”

Obediently the slave in the back starts fucking Amara’s slave in the ass while the other fucks the slaves mouth. They all must work in unison since they are tied together for balance. “Good job sluts. I am going to get your mistresses to show them what good little whores you re being for me. I’ll be back in five minutes and you better be ready to cum” She walks away and in the hall she can hear the echoes of their moans, Part pleasure. Part pain. Classic dungeon music. Minutes later she returns with the mistresses. They all laugh at Amara’s slave who is clearly having uncomfortable being used like a Chinese finger trap. “C’mon fagot suck it like it’s your daddy’s cock!” they yell “How do you like that dirty dick in your ass?” Amara says, “ah, don’t worry mutt boy. Let’s see you smile. If you suck it like you mean it, it’ll be over much quicker. Pretend its a cherry Blow pop and you can’t wait to get to the bubblegum middle. Let us hear how much you like it!”

Amara’s slave hmmmms and ahhhhs and does his best to please. The slave in front of him blows his load and cums all over his face. It drips down from his brows, his nose and into his mouth. He licks it up. “Are you going to cum?” Amara asks the slave in the back. He nods. ” pull out and cum over his back. The slave does as he is told and sprays thick cum over the mutt’s back. She unties all the guest slaves’ restraints.

”Now scoop it up with you fingers and feed that shitty cum to my mutt.” He does and Amara’s slave has to fight his gag reflex from the shit/cum mixture. “Good boy. Here’s some water. we just have one more left.” She unties his restraints and pulls him over to the throne in the corner. ” For dessert we have a Beautiful tranny named Alecia, with big tits and a bigger cock. She will fill you up with exotic Bi vitamins and have you feeling rejuvenated. Kneel down at her feet. She likes her breasts massaged while you service her cock. Think you can multitask dickboy?”

”Yes Mistress. I will try my hardest to please you both.” He stretches his arms up like he was worshiping the sun, grabs Alecia’s firm breasts and takes her large cock in his mouth. His mouth is sore from all the abuse but he is thankful that at least for the moment his asshole has been allowed a break. He has never been with a tranny before and finds it surprisingly erotic. She smells like strawberries but has a true raging cock. Flesh and blood. Alecia tilts forward into him. Although her breast are fake, psychologically its a huge turn on to have a man fondle her and service her so eagerly. She guides his head with her large hands, faster and faster. She makes the mutt deep throat her as she cums explosively. She pushes him off her and says “You ain’t straight dickboy. That’s for sure. You as gay as a green maple leaf, mother fucker.” Amara laughs “That’s what I thought! Well I’m gonna make this bitch boy embrace his faggotry right now.”


  1. Domestic-Bitch Lessons

Finally slave is to practice showing love and respect to animals. He is led to the dress-up room. “Let’s find you a green dress to show you off as new found nature whore! ” Amara smacks his ass and pushes him towards the closet. “Okay fairie boy? Show me what a good tree-humper you are! ” The slave rifles through the cross-dressing closet for man sized tinker belle garb. “You know what slave?” Show me your best Mother Nature. Tuck that Hardin between your legs. Show me your fairieboy pussy.” The slave obliges. “Now put these on” Amara walks towards him with a string of pearls and runs it through the “slit” of his manpussy up and and down back through his legs and up his ass crack. She runs them around his neck, over his nipples then clenches them up in a ball shoves it into the cave of his chest “Take it bitch” she says. ” I don’t know what we’re going to do about that ass-ugly face of yours but this will at least do something to hide your neck rolls. The slave puts on his green dress, and his pearls. He must paint his finger and toenails green while keeping a dildo in his mouth. ” A good bitch keeps her mouth shut” “Yehhhh Mhhsihhh” the slave mumbles through a mouthful of rubber cock. 

”Well you look a little better but I’ve had panty dandruff that smells better than you.” She scrunches her nose in disgust. “You stinky filthy cumrag. You didn’t shower after gym class did you? Saving water IS smart but have some fucking sense and don’t kill anyone with your stench!” She sticks two fingers in her pussy and wipes the nectar across his upper lip. “See? I’m sweet as a peach. We can douse you in perfume and deodorant to mask this problem for now,” she says and pelts him with toiletries, “but to actually smell nice you need to drink two liters of water and eat at LEAST three servings of fresh fruit a day, and of course stop eating vile garbage like cheese, eggs, and fried food.” She sticks her fingers inside herself again this time sticking them into the slaves mouth and rolling it around on his tongue. “Right?” she asks him. “Just like a peach mistress,” he answers. She slaps his tits and knees him in the vagina. “Go put on the tea tray and throw a tea party for your stuffed animals. As the slave dons the servant platter Amara jiggles her butt an inch from his face. “You wish you could have this don’t you faeire” “yes mistress” She slaps her own ass. straightens up and says ” Well remember bitch. You are Beneath me. If you make your animals happy with the tea party I’ll let you touch my feet.” He must worship the mistress’ feet and recite a version of “This little piggy” in which none of the piggies have roast beef. If I don’t like his version I write CUNT in red lipstick across his face. He has now passed through boot camp and is rewarded with a long carrot he must insert into his ass and say “YUM YUM YUM” He is now a domesticated house beast and when he returns to his cage for bed it is no longer lined with ice and he may fully lie down.