He wakes up to my voice. “Your fucking disgusting the way you were born and i should cut off your fucking penis (and shove it down your own throat). You have no control over yourself. If I ever see you cum before I tell you that you can, i’ll fucking feed it to you in a bottle. I’ll lash you until you are bloody and crying and screaming, wishing that I would cut it off” You ARE my doll. You are mine to create, mold, shape, abuse, and neglect.

I preserve him in a box acting as a cell, like a doll. Fully dressed as a girl doll. The plastic covering allowing him just enough air to breathe. And if he so much as asks for more air or gasps louder than I see fit, I just cut him off completely with a fist to his scull and piss on his face to bring him back to life. I have a dollhouse dungeon. Keep him in a box until I am ready to play. And always dressed as a girl. Brought down and abused for the disgusting cock between his legs. I amuse myself by bringing him through the different stages of human development from childhood…dressing him up as a baby, wearing a diaper, feeding him only soft foods and formula, stuffing it down his throat until he vomits everywhere.

Making him clean it up with his tongue…or with the long gorgeous hair I sew onto his head with a needle and tie up in bows. Then a toddler. Beating the fucking shit out of him…classic over the couch railing, dress lifted up exposing a bare ass and beaten with a wooden spoon. I freeze his balls and his penis…anything to make it shrink in any way possible. I take two large blocks of ice, crushing his cock between them and wrap them together tightly around it. I tighten the tie and flatten the blocks together. I clip small pieces of skin on his ball-sack with clothespins, like a popsicle on a wooden base. Toddlers love popsicles. “You should have been born a fucking girl. You disgust me. You are fucking disgusting.”

I put makeup on him, make sure he really FEELS like a young adolescent girl and stick my huge pointed heels up his ass if he so much as whimpers from my blows. I teach him how to insert a tampon and force him to insert it into his asshole to stop the bleeding. Dresses. I make him change. I shave off all of his hair, strip him of his masculinity (anything that allows him to identify with his manhood), including his eyebrows and then tattoo his face makeup on. Teenage girl stage. I force him to engorge himself with all types of food…binge eat like a bulimic bitch. He eats until he cannot eat anymore and then I shove the remaining food down his throat until he begs me to let him make himself vomit. I shove my dildo down his throat…make him feel like a young teenage girl orally pleasing a man for the first time. “You could not please me if you tried as hard as you could. Get it deeper in your throat!” Gag reflex not acceptable….young girls are expected to learn to control their gag reflexes…so when he gags I keep going, and when he vomits, I make him mop it up off the floor with his long hair. “You will never be as good as a real woman. But you will fucking try as hard as you can.”

I hang him upside-down so that his dress falls down towards his face and I shock his penis with open wire electrical current any time he starts to get hard or even shows signs that he may cum. In this way, I am administering electric shock treatment…training him to associate his penis with the worst pain he has ever felt….make him wish he had control over it…make him believe that it is disgusting and that it should never have been a part of his body. Make him know that his weakness comes from the lack of control he has over his anatomy…and that he WILL be punished harshly for this lack of control. He is growing still into a woman. He changes again on command. Wears an apron. Keeps the house impeccable and cooks me only high class vegetarian meals. I despise meat. He is to always keep the house in this condition. He learns his roles and duties as a woman in society, and god forbid he steps anywhere out of that expectation and role. I make him die his hair different colors and use the bleach from the die to burn his skin. I burn a beauty mark into his cheek with my cigarette. I make him pull his penis up between his legs and tuck it in tight. Make him Duct Tape his dick between his ass crack and all the way around. I punch him repeatedly in the man-crotch. My play time! I RIP off the tape when I am ready to put him back in the box, where he will stay until I am ready to play again.