The Physical - A Story by Nina Mar

It was time for Chuck’s physical. He was well overdue.

He was a bundle of nerves when he entered the waiting room and greeted the receptionist. “Good afternoon”, she said. “Have a seat and fill out this form. The doctor will see you shortly.” She smiled. “Unfortunately Dr. Green won’t be in today, we recently hired a new physician with excellent reviews – fresh-faced and eager to treat patients. She’s very pretty too. Are you okay with having your physical with Dr. Charlie?”

Chuck was suddenly aroused… and nervous about the prospect of an attractive young female doctor performing his physical. But he was overdue, and so he happily agreed to go along with it. He filled out nearly 20 pages of paperwork, then handed the receptionist her clipboard. 

That’s when he noticed the number of attractive women swarming around the office. The girl filing papers in the back with immaculate black hair caught his eye. He found himself hardening. 

The receptionist, named Margaret he saw from her tag, also had dark hair and eyes with a broad smile.  Chuck’s growing erection throbbed in his pants.  He changed his focus to his old male doctors to help ease the blood flow to his penis. It seemed to be working.

Then Margaret called Chuck: “We’re ready for you. I’m going to set you up in the examination room and take your vitals. Dr. Charlie will be performing the full examination, as soon as she’s done with her other patients.”

They moved into the exam room. Chuck enjoyed watching her long legs along the way. He sat down on the table as she indicated.

“Lets take your temperature first.”

Chuck could not keep his eyes off of Margaret. She was beautiful.  The way she stared at the thermometer turned him on . When she moved the thermometer into the light to read it, he noticed her perfectly round breasts. 

His erection was getting in the danger zone. He could feel it pulse against his pants.

“Normal. Time to take your blood pressure and check your weight.”

Chuck had begun to sweat. “Okay” he said.

Margaret took his blood pressure with serious eyes that for a moment he thought possessed the intent to inflict pain. At first, the pressure on his arm was normal, but thenit got  tighter and tighter. Her eyes became narrower and she looked at him.

“It is suppose to feel this tight and painful” Chuck asked, his erection growing with each pump.

Margaret looked straight into his eyes. “This is how we do things in our office.”

Which each pump around his arm, Chuck felt his penis twitch. Margaret noticed this predicament and gave him a sadistic, thin-lipped smile. She finished dragged him to the scale next. 

“You’ve put on some weight since your last visit, Chuck. Dr. Charlie takes these issues very seriously. She does not tolerate high BMI’s.”

Margaret ordered him back into the examination chair. He was nervous now… because he knew he wasn’t the picture of health.  

He watched her without blinking as she checked his reflexives. “Luckily for you, your reflexes are fine.” Margaret leered at him for a moment, writing notes, then left the room.

“Who is this Dr. Charlie?” Chuck thought. 

The more he wondered about her the more his penis pressed against his pants.

Chuck had been waiting perhaps 5 minutes when Margaret came back in.  “Ok, Chuck, Dr. Charlie will be with you shortly.  Be completely obedient . And put this medical gown on. Take everything else off.”

He did it. Then settled in to wait.

As the minutes ticked, his  uncomfortable erection created a teepee in the gown that he could not hide. He finalized realized: this was not a routine check-up. Something was happening.

He tried to think of an old male doctor, but it was too late. There was nothing he could do except sit there with his cock exposed as Dr. Charlie knocked briefly, then entered. 

Chucks’ entire body shivered.

“Hello Chuck”, said a spectacularly attractive woman in a white lab coat. “I’m Dr. Charlie and I will be performing your annual check-up today.” She continued talking but all Chuck could focus on was her perfect blue eyes and 6’3 stature, straight, shiny blonde hair and some devious plan hiding behind bright blue eyes.

“Have you had any health issues besides your obvious obesity?” Charlie asked.

Shamed, Chuck replied, “I’m not happy about my weight situation, but I’m working in it. I swear!”

Dr. Charlie smiled, “I have the perfect treatment for you, but we’ll get back to that later. I know Margaret took your temperature already but I prefer the more precise form of taking temperatures via the rectum. Get up, hands-on head, bend over… and don’t complain.”

Chuck couldn’t resist submitting to her inappropriate commands. Her beauty, intelligence and poise left him entirely to her mercy.

Dr. Charlie quickly became sterner. “Move, Chuck. Spread your legs more. You’re getting another rectal thermometer. A larger, more accurate one. It needs to stay in for 10 minutes and you are not to move an inch.” She paused. “Keep your hands on your head. I didn’t say you could relax them.”

The suspense tortured and aroused Chuck. He hated it … and loved it, too. 

Watching Dr. Charlie put on latex gloves with a crisp snap sent another surge to Chuck’s penis. 

“98.6, you’re lucky, if the thermometer read anything higher or lower I would have punished you for that.” Chuck could not believe his ears. His cock throbbed.

Dr. Charlie lowered her voice, emphasizing how serious she was. “I’m going to give you an enema now. And it’s going to be painful. But it will be more painful if you make a mess of my office. Do you understand?”

Chuck nodded.

“Bend over further please.” Dr. Charlie preceded to insert a large tube into Chuck’s ass. A moment later he felt water flood into him. She did this several times. Chuck’s guts began to churn, and he felt intense pressure. 

His cock was beyond hard. He thought he might cum at any moment.

Her voice was suddenly calm, almost clinical. “I set my timer for 15 minutes … pray that one drop doesn’t soil my floor. Hands-on your head and keep them there.”

Chuck gave Dr. Charlie a look, but said nothing.

“Fine”, she said, “20 minutes.”

Chuck suffered… he tried to retain his enema and keep his hands on his head. The pressure mounted. “What kind of clinic is this?” he wondered? And why was he so aroused? Would he really get in trouble if he couldn’t hold it? His mind raced.

For the next 20 minutes Dr. Charlie starred directly into Chuck’s eyes – making it hard for him to concentrate. He knew he wasn’t going to make it. He began to blubber at her…  

“What’s going to happen if I soil the floor Dr. Charlie?  Dr. Charlie, I don’t know if  I can retain it any longer and my arms hurts!!”

She laughed… “You have 5 more minutes, don’t you dare disappoint me.” He bore down and somehow made it. When she told him time was up, he almost danced into the bathroom.

He was still aroused. He loved it and he hated it still.

“I’m waiting! Are you done in there?!” yelled Dr. Charlie. 

Chuck emerged from the toilet, Dr. Charlie pointed to the examination table. Chuck knew none of this was right … but he didn’t want it to stop. He lay down and stared up into her sparking blue eyes.

“I expect all my patients to be as healthy as possible. You sir are a fat failure. However, I have a way of fixing unhealthy lifestyles. You’re not going to like it. I’m going to restrain and torture you for 3 minutes. No safe word. Two nipple piercings and 5 cane strokes to each hand will set you straight.”

Chuck was ready for his punishment; he wanted to please Dr. Charlie. He would have taken 10 strokes on each hand for her.

“Let’s start with the hands, with every stroke you are to count and say thank you.”

Dr. Charlie strikes the right hand first. Chuck wails. It hurt. So good.  He counted carefully. “One, thank you! Two, thank you! Three, thank you!” And so on. Then Dr. Charlie beat his left hand. He counted again, carefully, sobbing when she finished.

“Very good” Dr. Charlie said calmly. Too calm.

“Now, I have saved the best for last. I’m piercing both your nipples. While I do that, I will need you to release your tiny penis. I need a semen sample to send to the lab.”

Chuck was scared by this – but eager to please, and almost desperate to masturbate. He watched Dr. Charlie prepare her needles, staring at her stoic face. She was exciting and terrifying. 

“Take a deep breath”, she said, then pierced his right nipple. He grunted. It hurt, but was over quickly. She gently touched the nipple, reassuring him. 

Then she pierced the right one. He grunted again, louder this time.

“Good… now, I’m not removing these needledsuntil I get a semen sample. You have one minute to release yourself or else you’re going home with pierced nipples. And don’t forget to ask permission to cum!”

Dr. Charlie crossed her arms as Chuck began stroking his cock as fast as he could. She gave him a 15 second warning … and Chuck finally felt close, and pleaded for permission to come.

“Yes you may”, said Dr. Charlie, making a final note in his file.