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About Me

You seek a Domina with an open mind and soul. She leaves you hanging on Her words, toying with your mind. Your heart races as you wonder what She will do next, and with every passing second, you desperately yearn more for Her touch. The distant clicking of heels, the scent of leather permeating the air. Nothing else exists. You are now merely a puppet in Her shadowplay. 

You’re curious now, aren’t you? Let Me elaborate further: sensual Dominant female, libertine, sadist, and psychosexual reprogrammer. Before this, I trained at a conservatory as a classical singer, therefore I’m very familiarized with discipline and theatricality. I am a very visual creature, the type that enjoys watching the helplessness that pours over your face while you struggle in bondage, the symmetry of your marks, the mixture of pain and desire that reflects in your eyes. In between every moment of cruelty, there is a tenderness that lies within My touch, My soft voice guiding you through. Will you take more for Me? Of course, you will. 

I like to take My time with My scenes, therefore 90+ minute sessions are highly recommended for the best immersive experience. In the words of Mae West: “a hasty job really spoils the master’s touch”. I have 4 years of experience, therefore I am skilled in a great variety of scenarios and very open to those I haven’t tried. Here’s a list of some of the activities I provide:











-Nipple Torture

-Ball Busting


-Electro play/E-stim



-Sensual Domination

-Humiliation/Degradation (I’m highly skilled in both and can vary from light to severe)

-Rope Bondage

-Leather bondage

-Predicament Bondage

-Costume bondage


-Sensory Deprivation 

-Tease and Denial

-Slut training

-Gay Training

-Clothed Facesitting

-Clothed Body Worship

-Sensual Play (One-way touch)


-Knife Play


-Breath Play

-Pet play




-Kidnapping Fantasies

-Financial Domination


-Forced Consumption

-Discreet public play

MEDICAL PLAY (My specialty):

-Piercing/Needle Play



-Saline Injections 





-Rubber tubing bondage

-Medical device bondage

I also have a variety of medical toys such as speculums, forceps, dental gags, and more. Safety and prevention are a priority for Me, therefore I am certified in OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard and trained in the aseptic procedure.


-Foot Worship (I get a fresh mani-pedi every two weeks.)

-Hand/Nail Worship

-Armpit Worship

-Boot/High Heel Worship







-Sploshing (Minimum $100 tip)

-Anything else that you bring to the table. No fetish is too weird or too obscure for Me. The weirder, the better.


-Forced Feminization

-Sissy Maid


-Bimbofication (My favorite!)





-Girl Next Door/pervy neighbor

-Mad Scientist/guinea pig

-Alien/abducted earthling

-Sadistic Student/blackmailed teacher

-Revolutionary/captured enemy

-Vampire/blood doll

-Surprise me! The more creative, the better! I come from a performing arts background, so you can expect full immersion.


-Couples sessions (There’s nothing more that I love than bringing couples closer together. ❤︎)

-Doubles sessions (I play very well with others, let’s share the fun!)


-FTT/Hard Sports

-GS (Wish I could do it but I’m pee shy. We can try, but I can’t guarantee anything.)

-Race Play/Racial Humiliation/Racial Fetishization

-Fantasies involving non-consenting people

-Manipulation/Desire To Incite Non-Consensual Anger

-Touching Me without My explicit consent

-Romance. I know I’m beautiful, smart, sensual, and compelling but I’m not going to be your girlfriend. Do not entertain that delusion and do not push it on Me.

-Pushing any of these boundaries will result in Me discontinuing the session and never seeing you again. Be respectful.

Regular Availability: 

MON 12 pm -9 pm | TUE 12 pm-9 pm 

WED 7 pm-10 pm | THU 12 pm-7 pm SUN 4 pm-10 pm

DISCLAIMER:  I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no nudity or sex being offered.  Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.





5ft 6in

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Incall, Outcall, Telephone


Dominant, Couples









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