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Greetings! My name is Nina Mar and I was afforded the grand opportunity to plop down to Earth and discover the fulling pleasure of becoming both a lifestyle and professional Kinktress. Taboo proclivities have always haunted my mind, but my professional experience began 7 years ago. Within these years I have had the wonderful opportunity to play with experienced subs and train under the tutelage of many beautiful and talented Mistresses across the United States. As time passes my skills, creativity, knowledge, and beauty follow an unnatural trend. I enjoy what I do and it shows. I am completely addicted to power and control. However, do not confuse my interpretation of power exchange with an arbitrary and discursive experience. My personality is dense and my persona takes on many forms, but I am always diligent.

 My approach is in versatility where our mutual interests intersect. That said, I am very open minded and enjoy many scenes and styles. Although my raven hair and lean physique are just as impressive as my perfectly angled face, my real talent is my ability to weave my creativity and my intellect together to create a memorable experience. (For both of us.) I am known for my manners, sharp wit, sprightly demeanor, beauty, and moments of unexpected cruelty. 

You are my subject of our scene and to fully understand my subject Time is my favorite piece of equipment. I prefer 90 (+) minute scenes. An hour is an injustice to the BDSM experience. I am classically and formally trained. It is unnecessary for me to expound on my approach. You enter my realm and I yours. In my experience the more one talks about their capabilities, the less capable they are. A simple and honest conversation unleashes infinite possibilities. My wardrobe, gear, and skill set is vast and continues to expand. I can accommodate most wardrobe and scene requests. I am always transparent about my capabilities. If a request is made that I cannot accommodate, I am open to learning and trying new things within the confines of my personal boundaries and the bounds of safety. Mostly mine, but I suppose I’ll take your safety into consideration also.

          I prefer to enter scenes prepared so pre-bookings are always preferred. But I also accept I may never win the battle against your impulsive desires.  If our first contact is in person, politely introduce yourself with your preferred name. Be prepared to discuss your interests, limits, and experience with reverent honesty. If you pre-book via email or phone you must also be prepared to reveal your preferred name, limits, experience, if we’ve played before, wardrobe preference, and date and time you wish to see me. I can forgive bad grammar, but I am less forgiving of bad manners. You may address me as Mistress. Gratuity is not mandated, but appreciation is always expected. Be polite and present it to me in an envelope. Fiddling around with your wallet looks silly and is entirely unbecoming.

For your imagination my interests include and are not limited to:


Predicament Bondage, Rope, mummification, cock and ball bondage, nipple bondage, hogtie, leather, bags, 

Role Play

A favorite of mine. Interrogation scenes, boss/secretary , student/professor, jealous girlfriend/innocent boyfriend, pervert at work place/HR, kidnapping, psychological drama (<3) and more 


Tens unit (obviously), but creative and safe. Lots of fun attachments. The wand. Also this new thing that charges me and everything my hands touch. 


This one is special. Aside from the usual, when my mind gets fired up things get interesting. Sounding is a form of CBT. I’ve also taken to vampire gloves. I also have a lethal aim with rubber bands. I like to get creative. 

Impact Play

Leather paddles, mean wood paddles, Satan’s hair brush, bastinado, canes of various materials, OTK spanking, or spankings in general are always fun! I prefer to incorporate aspects of discipline and punish with impact play. For example: giving you an impossible task. 

Whippings and Flagellation

Short single tail(excellent aim), bull whip(novice), flogging, florentine(excellent and a favorite of mine)


Tease/denial, climbing over your bound body, wrapping my legs around you to test your strength, close contact, light grazing with my finger tips, slowly sweeping my beautiful black hair over your body.

Sissification/Crossdressing/Forced Femme

Must I go into detail? Fine. Do you want to be fully transformed (makeup,lashes,wig,stockings) or do you want to go a little lighter. Some light lingerie? These scenes can from zero to pageantry quite quickly. 


My beautiful feet, muscle worship, ass worship (mind your manners), abs, legs, back, hair brushing, hands, armpits 


I’m still learning and not an expert. However, I’m always open to learning from trusted subs.


I’m still waiting for my award for this one. I easily find ways to taunt and tease. The more you tell me about yourself the more material I have to work with. I’m hesitant to do race play, it’s almost a nonconsensual switch session. The words just won’t come out of my mouth. Age play is out of the question. 

Medial Play

Naughty nurse examinations where I molest you, sounding, making you weigh yourself, experiments to see how your penis responds to stimuli, the infamous penis pump, needles, sutures, staples (novice), saline injections (novice). Again, I’m not claiming to be an expert in anything. But, as said before, I’m always open to learning new things from my subs.

About my style

I thoroughly enjoy incorporating a little bit of everything with my subs. I also do not claim to be an expert in every aspect of BDSM. I’m open to forming relationships with subs where we can learn/teach/explore together

DISCLAIMER:  I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no nudity or sex being offered.  Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.





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