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Caught between the rock of a false self-sufficiency and needing to go beyond your own identity, you instinctively recognize your mirror: the only one who sees and understands your need to submit: Mistress Justine. My implements will become our way of looking at one another. Through this, you will come to recognize your own fear and insufficiency. For the first time in your life, you’ll come to feel pure pleasure.

When you see how sweet I am, you’ll unwittingly open yourself to Me without knowing the terror I’ll later strike in you. You will grow frigid with fear as My joyous laugh penetrates your ears. You’ll get whiplash from this alone. The juxtaposition of sweetness with striking sadism will leave you reeling with a sense of desperation, an appetite that will make you ache and gradually you will become obsessed.

You will be my docile body, bending at my will, your efforts exploited for my pleasure, for the selfless servant receives through the pleasure of their Owner. Find joy in knowing that your labor exists only for My pleasure.

Every session makes you strive to please Me more and more, makes you want to indulge yourself and push your mind and body to reach the furthest realms of submission; remember it’s not how much you take, but how much you can give to Me that matters.

Gasping for Me, your mind and body will be open for My use. All your perceptions will become pure and abstract. Focused. You’ll watch the shadows of your desires race behind your eyelids, daring you to go further until obedience becomes your only identity.

“You will make a pitiful sight: a blind man in an empty room, aroused for a dream’s sake” (Clive Barker).

It would please Me most if you came in for any of the following:

Predicament bondage, Sensory deprivation, Sensory play, Mummification, Impact play (flogging, slapping, OTK), Edge play (blood, knives), Slave training, Discipline, Corporeal punishment, Bootlicking, Leather cleaning and polishing, Latex cleaning and polishing, Body worship, Foot worship, Latex and leather worship, Wrestling, CBT.

DISCLAIMER:  I only offer fetish, fantasy & role-play. There is no nudity or sex being offered.  Please do not inquire about any kind of illegal activities as you will be asked to leave.





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