A Story by Our Mistress Maya

A Story by Our Mistress Maya

I had arrived to Pandora’s two hours earlier before, I was due for my first session of the day.

Since I had this extra time, I decided to log on to PunishmentSquare, to see who was online. I sipped on my coffee, lit my cigarette and proceeded to wait for my first prey to enter the chat room. While I waited, I read through all of the day’s top news stories.

I was about to take a bite into my muffin, when I noticed that a slave has entered the chat room. “Hello, Goddess” Slavebound wrote, “How are you doing today?” I took a sip of my coffee and smirked “I am awake”. I watched him carefully as he sat nervously at his desk. “Where are you? Are you hiding inside your office?” Slavebound looks over his shoulder at the clock behind him; he nods his head yes. I asked him what time did his office opens for business and he told me, within in the next half hour. The excitement that ran through me, just thinking about all of the things, I could make him do while he sat at his desk.   I figured that I had enough time to humiliate him and still get myself together before my session began here. “Good”, I replied. “Take off your clothes and you better do it quick, you don’t have much time.” One by one, he started peeling off his clothes. He was medium built, which help me to believe that he likes to work out. “Gross” I snarled, “Why is there so much of that filthy chest hair growing on your body?”   He looks down at him self and then back up to the computer. He see’s me sitting with my nose turned up at him. “Turn around; do you have hair on your back as well?” He does a complete turn so that I can inspect every inch of his body. “No, Goddess, it is only the front”.   That makes it even worse, you’re a one sided hairy beast!” “You’re not even a good enough animal, to have hair on both sides.”   I lit a cigarette inhaled deeply and exhaled right onto the screen. “Come closer” I directed him over with my pointer finger. “Do you see my cigarette? Do you see how nice and red the cherry is? I have every right to burn that disgusting hair right off your chest.” I pulled the cigarette in closer, so that he can see how red the tip is. “Drop and give me 20 pig! And if you don’t do it right the first time, the consequences will be worst for you the next time.” He turns to look at the clock… “Don’t you fucking dare! You’re on my time, I am not on yours.” I yelled into the microphone. Slavebound positions the camera and himself towards the floor. He begins to do his set of push ups. “I don’t here you counting, you lazy piece of shit.” “One mistress… Two mistress… Three”… He counts as he tries to cheat and do them half way. “I can see you trying to cheat pig. You can not afford to cheat yourself with that fucking gut.” He finishes the last two of his push up’s, tired from exhaustion he lays flat on the floor. “You’re pathetic! Since you like lying like a dog… Wag your pathetic tail for me.” He wiggles around awkwardly on the floor. “No, not like that you fool! Like this” I called for my princess celebrity to come over. Celebrity was a cute little half breeded dog, part Japanese chin and Jack Russell.  Yes, my princess is stuck up for sure.  She is a royalty dog, her bread was once used to keep the royal family company inside of the Japanese kingdom.

Celebrity walked over all prissy like on her leash, wagging her cute little tail. “You see, do you see how happily she wags her tail, when in my presence?” “This is what I want you to do when your in my presence”. Slavebound get’s up on all fours and begins walking around in circles wagging his bottom about. “That’s better, now I want you to bark for me.” I could tell he felt a little uncomfortable with my last request, his whole body turned completely red. “You don’t have time to waist, I am sure people are pulling up to the building now as I speak.” “Whooruff, whooruff”… Slavebound begins picking up his pace and the barks get deeper and louder. “Whooruff. Whooruff”.   I could tell how excited he was by, the way he had become Swollen and enlarged. He started to stumble from side to side, trying to touch himself while he humped the side of his desk. “Look how quickly you became a mutt in heat for me.” Slavebounds bark continues as he begins to pull at himself. I waved my finger disapprovingly to the camera. “Bad dog” I huffed. At that moment, Celebrity got up and walked a way from me. My Princess knew I was in no way, talking to her and wanted no parts of his lousy displays.

“You were not given permission from me to touch your disgusting phallus.”  I looked over at the clock on my screen and notice that we only had a few more minutes left. In about five minutes his office will become over whelmed with people, trying to complete there busy daily task at work. “We don’t have much time, so you better listen to every word that I say.” I lit another cigarette and gave him the following instructions. “If you want to please yourself, you must do something for me first.”

“I noticed the broom that is over by the file cabinets. He turns his attention towards the left behind him and immediately spots the broom. “I noticed when you turned around you have a little bit of a spread in the back. This means that I know you’re a whore. I want you to suck on your fingers and slowly insert one of your fingers up your ass.”   He takes his fingers and start sucking on them as if they were a nice and tasty cock. “Look at you; you’re such a fucking whore!” He begins to moan as he inserts two of his fingers inside himself. “Now, that you have gotten yourself nice and lose, I want you to now insert the broom stick.” He looked a little perplex about what I was asking of him.   “Yes, you’ve heard me correctly. You have four minutes and counting”.   Slavebound smiles into the camera and winks. “Everything that I do is now for you Goddess”. He walks over to grab the broom and heads back towards his desk. He opens his desk draw and pulls something out. I couldn’t clearly see what it was right away, until he adjusted the camera back to its upright position. “It’s a small bottle of lube goddess; I had this from a couple of weeks ago. A group of us from the office went out for drinks and a few us ended up back here. “Oh so you are a slut, then you should be at ease with this.”   He begins spread the lube evenly onto the broom stick and slowly inserts himself. The second the broom touched his ass, he leaked with excitement. His moans were so loud that I had to turn down the volume on my computer. “Goddess, do I have permission to touch myself?” he asked in between moans. “But, I will only do what please you Goddess.” I had my eye closely on the time but, I couldn’t help but to push against the clock… After all, no one get’s any where in life without challenging themselves. “Stick out your tongue and pant like the dog you are. That’s what whores do; they act like bitches in heat. With their tongues out humping anything that crosses it’s path!”

Slavebound does as he is told; his body turns red and begins to tense up. “It looks like the bitch is ready to release. “Lay down with your back to the floor, lift your lower torso and aim for your disgusting mouth.” Again slavebound does what he is told and aim’s directly for his mouth. “You better swallow all of it!” I replied. Ok, well our time together is over. Enjoy getting yourself ready for work, it’s now 10’ past of opening time.” I winked goodbye and logged off. Turning off the computer I started gathering my things, I needed to start getting ready for my session here.

After my session was over, I went online to check some of my e-mails and I found an appointment request from slavebound. The appointment was set for the same time we have stared. His comment read; with your permission Goddess, I would like to do an online session with you again.   Needless to say he didn’t get caught at work and had a good time. Such a good time, he left a nice little tribute behind.

Till next time.     ~Maya~


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    Reviewed by: William Jamison says:

    Love The Way You Take Charge And Humiliate Your Sub !!