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    Reviewed by: YMP says:

    I found myself in the City on Thursday with some unexpected free time and reached out to PB to see if I could arrange a session. I had never been there before so after some confusion on my part I entered the facility and was greeted by the receptionist after explaining what I was looking for I was brought to a small but nice waiting room, given a book of the available models and left for a bit

    The receptionist came back in and advised me that Mistress Scarlett was available and would be able to accommodate the session I was looking for. Since I had never had the pleasure of meeting Her before Mistress Scarlett came in to do a quick interview with me and then we were off!

    Mistress Scarlett is a beautiful and intelligent young lady. I have sessions with a number of Mistresses over the years and must say she delivered an excellent session with little preparation. Admittedly it was a foot worship session so it was not super involved but all the same she was able to bring me to a place I had desperately been seeking for some time. I would definitely recommend Her and will definitely session with Her again