My Slave for a Day

My Slave for a Day By: Mistress Lydia

I like keeping my slave in a cage, in a separate room, so I don’t have to hear or see him while I get my beauty rest. Furthermore, I keep a diaper on him which he is forced to use for all of his toilet business, as well as an electrical dog collar around his cock and balls so I can zap him anytime I please.

In the morning I reach into the cage, grab him by the hair, and drag him out of there. I dig my heel into his cock and balls and tell him exactly what I want for breakfast. I give him a sissy dress and heels to wear while he cooks my meal. When my meal is ready I dine at my table while he is on his knees massaging my feet. All the while, I use my collar remote to zap his cock and balls whenever I want.

After breakfast I let him lick the scraps from my plate and give him a can of dog food to eat. Then I put him back in his cage, go take a shower, and get beautified for my day. I always need to give a good beating to get pumped up for the day. Once I’m showered, I reach into my slaves cage, grab him by the hair, spit on his face, and tell him to prepare for his morning beating. I bring him into the dungeon where I strap him up to the cross, ass facing me. I zap his cock and balls a few times to get him ready for the pain he’s about to experience. Then I reach into my box of floggers, paddles, crops, and whips and I grab my favorite flogger. I flog his back until it’s beet red. Then I grab my crop and wail on his sissy boy ass. I continue to beat him with different devices that I enjoy until his back is scarred and bleeding. I take him down from the cross and strap him into a cbt bench so that his cock and balls are separated from his body. I blindfold him and begin to torture his cock and balls with clothespins, weights, string, and a wide assortment of painful whips. I continue to beat his cock and balls until he’s crying for mercy.

After his beating, I grab myself a cigarette and blow smoke in his face while I tell him how pathetic and weak he is. I spit in his face again and release him from the cbt device. By now it’s around lunch time. I make my slave prepare a nice lunch for my friends and I. I attach a set of brutal nipple clamps to his nipples, and I make sure the collar around his cock is nice and tight. I put him in a sissy maid outfit and wig, and let him get to preparing my lunch. Before my friends arrive I put a mask on him so they don’t have to look at his ugly face. My friends are here and our lunch is ready, but something smells. My slave soiled himself in his diaper. I grab my flogger and start beating him in the kitchen . How dare he soil himself while preparing my lunch! I grab him by the hair and take one of the still scorching hot pans, spanking him with it so that his ass is scarred and burned. I force him to smell his own soil while he changes himself. Once he has a clean diaper I make him prepare lunch all over again. My friends and I stand by the kitchen and mock his small cock, fat belly, and ugly face.

We continue to mock and humiliate him as he cooks and I let my friends take turns with the remote which controls the collar around his cock and balls. Once we’ve all had our fun, lunch is ready.

My slave serves all of us and I use him as a foot rest while I enjoy my food. He gets no lunch because I’m still mad about the diaper incident. Then I realize that one of my friends has brought her slave! She tells her slave to stand up and I make my slave get on his knees and suck the others cock. We laugh and mock them both. He slowly moves his head up and down the shaft making sure to pay a lot of attention to the engorged cock crown. When the slave cums, I make my slave open his mouth to show us the cum, and then swallow it.

After lunch, it’s time for more torture. My friends and I come into the dungeon where I put my slave in the stocks so that his ass is nicely exposed. Already burned and scarred, my friends and I take turns spanking and flogging his ass until it’s bleeding and he’s crying for us to stop. His body writhes in agony. Once we’re done beating, I grab my favorite 10 inch dildo, lube it up, and shove it up my slaves ass. He screams in pain as my friends laugh. I fuck his ass with the dildo until he’s screaming so loud that his voice gets hoarse. Once I’ve fucked his ass sore, I tell my friend’s slave to fuck my slave in the ass and he does. My friends and I laugh while my slave cries in more pain, and suffers from such severe embarrassment. When the slave is finished coming we make him suck his own cum out of my slaves dripping asshole.

When the afternoon’s party is over I put my slave back in his cage while my friends and I go out. I leave him there all alone with only half a can of dog food and some toilet water until I get back. Once I get back at midnight, I’m drunk and I want to beat him again. I pull him out of his cage by his hair, put him on his back, and step on his cock and balls with my heels until his cock is throbbing with pain. Then I piss on his disgusting face, kick him back into his cage, lock it, and go to bed while he sits there in the cold.

He’s covered in piss with nothing but dog food and toilet water to eat and drink. Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I push the button on my little remote so my slave wakes up too. With the electrical pain on his cock and balls….to be continued