Mistress Veronica Vixen
July 12th-17th

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July 12th-17th

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    Reviewed by: B.C. says:

    What a delightful pleasure to see Mistress Veronica, as she is normally in Los Angeles. I could only hope and dream, but my wishes came true for this Young Big Busted Voluptuous Domme. She is super sweet in the old school bombshell mold, she listens and makes you feel right at home about submitting to her feminine charms. I am more into exquisite pain than bruising and being hit with sticks, so after she grabbed me by the balls and dug her perfectly manicured nails in to my ball sack, I was in love! I enjoy nipple torture and she had me screaming for merci, (a couple of times). Before she held out the Clover Clamps with a wicked smile. Clamped for almost the duration of the session. I enjoy a woman that loves to torture men and put them in their place, but does not dislike them. Since I enjoy CBT and she was not afraid to manhandle and disciple my manhood, we got along perfectly. A good ballbuster too! It is rare to find a “busty” Mistress almost anywhere now. And after being in the scene for 30 plus years, your choices were between a few new and eager Mistresses and the burnt out highly overrated silicone blond Dommes that charge $2,500 for a $25 experience. So if you want a yummy big busted Domme, see Mistress Veronica anywhere, any time that you can! P.S. I might add that Pandora’s Box is an ideal location for your dungeon needs. The rooms are large enough and super clean! A variety of themes to fulfill your fantasies in. A cool underground location in the heart of the city. Parking garages are nearby or a short walk from the subway station.