Ming Palace

About The Ming

Travel back in time to the twelfth century into the palace of a Chinese Warlord. The room is resplendent with silk fabrics, oriental rugs, gold dusted walls, jade floors and ornate columns, and statues.  The Queens elaborate Palace is extensively used for public humiliation floggings, nipple play, CBT, rope bondage, foot worship, hot wax and cigarette torture, objectification, degradation, spitting, and humiliation.  Here in the Palace you may find yourself kneeling before your mistress as she sits upon her elaborate throne contemplating your fate. Why might that fate be? Perhaps suspended between two gold encrusted pillars; or your back laid bare crisscrossed with crimson welts expertly laid upon you by the beautiful warlord’s weapons.

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    Reviewed by: slave gemini says:

    I had a couple of session at the ming palace in 2013 with mistress amanda and mistress cyber. it was heavenly. the ambience of the room made me feel comfortable in my submissive skin. overall, a wonderful part of the pandora’s box.