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    Reviewed by: Sweetness says:

    Good Morning!

    Please tell Mistress Leigh that my husband and I had the BEST time with her last week. She’s the perfect match for us, in every single way. She is absolutely fantastic, a true professional and so darn good at what she does. Unbelievable experience for both of us. So comfortable, so natural, so enlightening, and SO DARN HOT. We can’t wait to play with her again. We will be back!

    Thank you so much, and have a great day.


    Reviewed by: deb says:

    “I’ve been having sessions with the beautiful Mistress Leigh since May of 2012 and my life has been significantly enriched ever since. After our very first session, I knew that I found the perfect Domme. Mistress Leigh is a true professional and expert in the BDSM/fetish world. I never imagined that I’d ever be able to experience the magic that she creates during our sessions – she makes my fantasies a reality!

    She’s strong, yet kind and giving, as long as you show her the respect that she so rightfully deserves. The beauty you see on her surface can also be found within – she is a natural beauty, both physically and mentally. I could never have dreamed of a more perfect Mistress.”

    -slave deb

    Reviewed by: babbete2 says:

    I want to take a few moments to share my experiences with Mistress Leigh from Pandora’s Box. I was fortunate enough to session with her on my last trip to New York.

    Let me start with a simple: AMAZING! I have sessioned in NY, LA, London and a bunch of other places and Mistress Leigh is tops. She is definitely a life style player as well as a prodomme and that authenticity was immediately evident. She is also beautiful! She wore a skin tight latex dress that had me swooning.

    I had shared my interest in both pain and humiliation and she went right after those topics. She tied me up and beat me and then got down to some serious CBT. All the while she kept telling me that I was not a real man and that I was a little wimp who she was going to pimp out. She really got into small penis humiliation and really got into my head as a result of that. The mind fucking was as intense as anything that I have ever endured. It really shook me up, but it really turned me on. She was professional enough to check on my headspace midway through the session as she could tell the the sph was gettin to me. I told her that it was crushing my ego. She then commented on the fact that I was still VERY excited and said, “the body doesn’t lie”. She could read me like a book.

    To add to my humiliation, she conducted the bulk of the session with the door open and other Mistresses would drop in to make fun of me or see the show. She brought in another Mistress and slave as well. As I said, it was totally intense.

    So, long story short, I do not go to “houses” very often, but I will be going back to Pandoras’s on all future New York trips. I don’t want to see Mistress Leigh again. I need to see Mistress Leigh again…she now dominates my thoughts as well as my body