Here Piggy Piggy… PART III

Here Piggy Piggy... PART III by Mistress Victoria

Here Piggy Piggy… PART III

 Written by: 
Mistress Victoria

I’ve had my little slut whore locked up in his cage for weeks now. Probably about I’d say roughly four weeks. He deserves it to since he’s a worthless slut pig. I am thoroughly amused by it and enjoy every moment of his misery. It’s a dark dingy little cavern in my basement that was once a wine cellar but I found much too nasty to actually store wine in. It has roaches and rats that run through it and a dirt floor. It is also very dank and musty with no sun light and has a big creaky wooden door with a pad lock on it. I usually go down in the morning to check on him, only to find him curled up on a stack of old new papers naked and shivering. “Good Morning my little oinking slut, how are you today?” I ask.

“Happy to see you my Mistress,” he says with a smile across his face and he genuinely does look happy.

I look at him smile and spit in his face and say, “Good you little fucking pig now lay the fuck down and don’t look at me!” He obeys and looks down at which point I kick him in his side and he bellows with pain. Moaning and groaning he is rolling around from the swift kick of my boot. The spit on his face is picking up dirt so I continually spit on his face over and over each time hocking up a larger and larger glob of my precious spit. I spit on the floor and scream, “Don’t let my spit go to waste lick it the fuck up! NOW!!!!! Fucking worthless whore!”

He licks it up and replies, “Thank you Mistress I love your spit and always want to drink it or lick it off the floor if I have to. It should never go to waste”.

“Shut the fuck up nobody asked you, you little whining bitch,” I reply and slam the door shut. I sit in my chair next to the door and I pick up my copy of The New York Times and begin my morning routine. Every fifteen minutes or so I go and open the door to spit in his face. After finishing my paper I grab my phone and order some food. I order a tropical fresh fruit platter with creme fraiche and green tea with a fresh green vegetable juice. Soon after he door bell rings and I buzz the usual delivery girl in. She is an adorable little Asian girl that looks sweet shy and like she just graduated high school. Her name is Jamie and she comes down to the basement to give me my breakfast. I pay her and that her and she asks me, “How the little slut in the cage is doing?”

I ask her in return, “Are you just making small talk or do you actually care about that waste of life?”

She laughs and says, “Actually I’m looking for an invite to torture him for fun.” At this point I am sheerly delighted. Nothing makes me happier than having several people humiliate my slave.

“Well then, why didn’t you just ask? You know I love it when guests can have their way with him.” She opens the door, looks in and laughs hysterically.

“What a loser, this is a fucking man? My god he looks like a wormy little bitch! He doesn’t even deserve to have balls!” She instantly walks in over him and tells him to open up his eyes and pisses right in his big brown eyes which instantly become blood shot and red. She walks out slamming the door laughing.

She then sits down next to me for a bit and we start chatting over everyday things. She also is Domme and loves to compare nasty stories of what we do to our slaves. I tell her about the use of bugs and she tells me about how much she loves to feed her yeast infections to hers. We both then get up and decide to simultaneously shit on my little pet.

Both of us are sitting over him and giggling as we go and start dropping our fresh hot turds in his face and completely smothering him with our shit. It’s steaming and nasty and dripping in his eyes and mouth and I decide to run upstairs to get my video camera. I come back down and start recording him. I flick the button into on position and tell Jamie to start screaming at him and humiliate him so he knows how worthless he really is.

She starts yelling at him and gets my whip and starts whipping at his face. Shit spatters off of his face and she demands that he eat it all off of his face and then off the walls of his cage. “Eat it now you fucking pig, all you are is a shit eater!!!!” He is frantically licking every morsel from his face and when he finishes he shoves his face into the concrete slab of the wall and we makes him lick more.

“Eat it all you fucking pig! Lick it! Lick it! And tell me how much you fucking love it!” He obeys and licks and licks and licks every inch of the shit off of the wall. When he is done I get out a banana. At first I only make him shove it up his ass for a while. Then I make him lick it clean and smear it all over his body. I then lock him up for a few more days and leave him alone with the bugs. The smell of the banana attracts them and over the days they begin to crawl all over him. I frequently go down to check on him and to see the look of fear in his eyes as they crawl all over him.

After three days I decide that he is ready to be showered and I order him in the back yard. I throw a bottle of Comet at him and I say, “Clean yourself bitch, scrub all of the nasty out of yourself and off of yourself”. I turn on the icy hose full blast and watch and laugh as my dirty little piggy cleans himself. Frigid and shivering I make him sit outside for a half an hour. While he is outside I am inside pissing on some towels. I walk out hand him some towels and tell him to warm himself up with them and come back into his cage where I then leave him again, in the dark with only the rats as his company……to be continued