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    I had the image of Mistress Eve burned to my eyelids ever since I saw Her profile on the Pandora’s Box site. Scared only by Her beauty and elegance that radiates through the screen as it took me a month to get the courage to book a session with Her. I can’t describe the fluttering of my heart as I rang the bell and headed downstairs to await the fate that I had decided to let Mistress Eve choose for me. Although I had many scenes and images of how I wanted to be in the midst of Mistress Eve, I felt it was only right that I offer myself to Her in the way She felt I could be beneficial for this particular session. I had only hoped that She accepted my servitude and give me the opportunity to be at Her whim.

    After arriving at the dungeon and passing through the ritual before seeing Mistress Eve, She had been informed that I was open to whatever She had planned for me. She walked in and She was even more beautiful than Her photos showed! After realizing that my tongue was hanging out of my mouth, She smiled and stated that she was in the mood to have Her pretty feet pampered. I was nervous but willing to prove that I did belong at Her feet and promptly got on my knees. As I nervously started to remove Her foot from Her stilettos, She told me that She had had 2 previous sessions where She was able to mete out some punishment to subs who deserved to be in pain and it was a relief to be able to relax before She got the chance to punish others. She smiled in saying this so I knew that was an indication to perform a great job. I massaged Her feet and noticed Her smile, so I just kept on concentrating on keeping that smile going.

    Her demeanor made me feel comfortable but it also kept me on my toes, so I don’t fall out of favor with Her. She dangled Her beautiful toes in such an alluring fashion that I felt hypnotized by the movement as I stayed attentive to Her feet. She had such a glistening glow as I asked for permission to use my tongue to try to bring more pleasure to those wonderful feet. As She allowed me the honor, I could feel Her presence in the satisfaction I felt She had in my efforts. I was in heaven as She allowed me to be useful to Her.

    As the session ended, She told me She was pleased but that I needed to experience another side of Her that would make Her happy and I assured Her that I’d be back because I felt after serving Her that I wanted the chance to please Her at whatever She chose… I HIGHLY recommend seeing Her as Her beauty radiates through Her smile and the way She captivated me is an experience I will assure you, you will appreciate.