Dirty Little Piggy Fantasty continues… 

Dirty Little Piggy Fantasty continues... 

Written by: 
Mistress V

Dirty Little Piggy Fantasty continues… 

Written by: 
Mistress Valentina

Just as I am waking up I can sense my dirty slaves presence from across the room. He’s so pathetic. He showers me in gifts and compliments and I shower him in my fecal matter and urine. I willl often tease him by dancing in front of him barely clothed while he is chained to the floor. Its most amusing when i watch him struggle to get closer to me- the metal from the shackle s breaking his skin. Oh how I love to deny him what he craves most. He cannot even control himself.

Hes a man- a pig; an ignorant form of life that deserves to be punished and treated like his kind have treated many women before. His penis is hard- and this is the perfect opportunity to kick him in his fully errect penis. He lets out a scream like a little girl. “Shutup slut!!” I scream as my whip comes down on his bare ass.

I hate when he replies so pathetically “thank you Mistress Valentina” after I strike him, I’m not doing him any favors. He should know that. For this aggrivation I deprive him of his senses which always seems to cause him extreme discomfort and fear of what may await him next. I put a ball gag in his mouth and a blind fold over his eyes. I strip naked and dance around him, constantly reminding him of my nudity. Oh, how I love to taunt and tease my poor little slut.

This drives him crazy, I spit in his face and watch him drool all over himself as he attempts (and fails) to speak. His ass is already covered in whip lashes and welts and I havent even eaten breakfest! He may have his breakfast when I have digested it. I can control his every move for I am his everything- his world. He loves me and praises the ground I walk on.He licks the bottom of my shoes and boots as well as the the dirty soles of my feet He must swallow every piece of lint, every bite of toe jam that hides in between my toes. I make him do the unthinkable… whatever little sadistic plan that comes to mind I fulfil l without hesitation for he has no say in what happens to him. Sometimes for fun I dress him up like a sexy little whore with stockings, panties, garter belt, bra, high healed shoes and a fur coat then take him outside with me… always on a leash attached to his balls. We go to Hunts Point and make him suck cock for money. My little sex slave enjoys it; “anything to please my mistress” he always repeats over and over again like a broken record. He pleasures cock after cock sucking on their balls and reveling as load after load washed down his slutty throat Its almost time for me to feed my little whore, this always heightens his vulnerability and arouses his tied up little penis causing it to turn into a dark purple. /font>

I can feel him preparing himself mentally repeating to himself over and over… “anything for my mistress… anything for my mistress….”. I spit on him because he’s so pathetic and beneath me. I can never keep myself from laughing hysterically everytime I see my pathetic stripped sex slave beg and plead for my approval for fear of the pain and dissatisfaction rejection could bring. I like to toy with his feelings and emotions. for fun.

I place a toilet on top of him while he is chained to the floor, this automatically causes his penis to nearly explode with the rope getting tighter and tighter. As I release my nectar into his mouth he gags and struggles to breathe while still trying to preserve every single drop. What comes next he enjoys most. As my shit falls on his chest he immediately proceeds to spread on his entire body…. that dirty whore. He has a clamp with metal teeth on the tip of his penis preventing him from ejaculating. This drives him insane. This drives me crazy. I let him sit in my fecal matter for a little while as a treat before I make him lick it off every inch he can reach on his body. Afterwards he is made to bathe in my dirty left over bath water.

…to be continued…

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    Reviewed by: Neil Woods says:

    One of the most intensely erotic and exhillarating things i have read in a long time.

    I would gladly take dirty little piggy’s place in this story, it sounds amazing.

    From (another) dirty little piggy.