A Day in the Life of My Pet

A Day in the Life of My Pet By: Mistress Brenda Star

this story is based off a true story that happened with my faithful sub on a weekend away together. For the sake of concealing identity the subs name is Wendel)

Every morning Wendel wakes up at approximately 6am and gets himself ready for the day at hand. The first task at hand is to ejaculate into a translucent cup and screw the cap back on tightly. The size of this cup is about the size of a normal 1cup measurer. Then it’s off to shower which consists of a very regimented routine. Firstly, lube and fingering of the butthole is required because what follows is a small buttplug. Once plugged up, he enters the shower and uses very fragrant products. I truly enjoy my subs smelling so sweet you just want to eat them up. A thorough body shave is followed after cleansing, this includes close attention to the anal, testical and nether region between here and there. When perfection is not accomplished Mistress gets very… very angry! When satisfied that cleanly perfection is reached then the sub is allowed to towel off and use a lot of moisturizer to maintain silky skin. Lastly, the canister is worn around his neck with a silver chain.

It’s now about 7am and Mistress Brenda will be up at 8am and expect breakfast. Not much time is left to get dressed for the day and prepare breakfast. The uniform is always kept organized neatly in the closet which in the mornings it’s a Maid’s uniform. The maid’s uniform consists of a rubber maid’s uniform in a pastel pink, diapers along with panty bloomers that have pink bows on them. White knee high stockings and shiny black patent leather mary janes. A shiny synthetic blonde wig follows. It has bouncy curls put into it and trails down to mid back. Staring into the mirror the final touch is put on which is pink ultra shiny lipgloss.

Once dressed a quick dash is made to the kitchen, can’t be late for Mistress Brenda. Breakfast is prepared for her before made for the submissive. Egg whites, Whole grain toast and fresh squeezed orange juice on a silver platter. Once everything is ready wendel scurries up the stairs being careful not to spill anything. Mistress Brenda is just finishing getting dressed. She is wearing a black corset which pushes up her already perky breasts. Black lace panties and a white silk robe. Her brunette hair is worn up in a soft twist with trendrils around her face. Looking really pissed off, “It’s 7:59, any later and I would have caned you!” After gently setting down the tray it is expected for you to stand to the side, hands at your side and with your head lowered staring at the ground.

“Gross! What is this! An eggshell?! What incompitence!”, Mistress Brenda yells. Wendel gasps and begins to shake unctrollably from fear. I set aside the tray and jump up to my feet. I point down to my toes and Wendel throws himself down to them and begins to kiss and worship them. Her toes are painted to perfection which have a beautiful bright red color, white tips and gentles sparkles painted on them. “Clean them up good you filthy animal!!”. Toes spread apart Wendel beings to lick in between each stinky toe and suck on each one individually. “Look up at me!” commands Brenda. Up looks Wendel and…. SPLAT… Miss Brenda Star as delicate and beautiful as she is spits in Wendels face, muccus and all. It slimes down his face and as routine as anything else licks it up like it’s the most decadent creation on earth. “Thank you Mistress for being so leanient”, cries Wendel. Miss Brenda can be cruel to say the least but gives only what is deserved and wanted. Mistress grabs the canister from around your neck, opens it up and spits into it, closes it back up and places it back around Wendels’ neck. Mistress Brenda’s face turns red and she yells, “Go get Changed and ready for your breakfast DOG!!!”…..

Now it’s approximately 9:30am and Wendel rushes into the kitchen on all fours to meet his Goddess. Wendel is now in a dog uniform which consists of Dog Ear’s which muffle out any kind of sound thus making him def. Brown leather cincher that is cinching him down to at least 26 inches at the waist from 32inches and a new butt plug which is now 2inches wide and has a lovely brown tail coming out of the backside. His Cock is sheathed in a chastity device made of leather and has an opening so he may goto the bathroom but allows it to stand in an erect state. Such a horny dirty dog, suddenly *Ding* Goes the microwave and I remove the bowl of oatmeal from it and begin to stir it up and pour it into a pink dog bowl. The dog bowl is embroidered in the letters D.D.D (Dumb Def Dog) and placed on the floor. Wendel wimpers and nudges the bowl with his nose as if something is missing. Mistress Brenda snickers, lifts up the bowl, “A dirty dog gets what a dirty dog wants.”, I spit into the food and stir it up. Once set back down Wendel it’s as if he has never eaten before, laps it up real good and flips the bowl over to announce he is done.

Once breakfast is over a walk is necessary. A chain choke collar with leash is brought out and put around Wendels neck. I grab a bag of stuff on my way out the door with wendel excitedly leading me out the door on all fours. We’re in an area of upstate NY which is farily suburban and anyone can drive by the side of the road or come out of their house at anytime. I take Wendel for a walk until he is ready to goto the bathroom. All of the suddent Wendel begins to piss against a tree and takes a crap right then and there. Upset and frustrated I pickup the feces with a plastic bag and tie it up closed. It’s then placed in the big bag I brought out on my way out earlier and I remove a plastic container which looks like it’s something you’re supposed to take a urine sample in. “Now how am I suppose to save your urin for later you stupid shit!!”. Wendel is grabbed by the hair and nose rubbed into the tree where he pissed. He know’s as do all of my pets, what is expected of them and this is unacceptable behavior. Mistress Brenda pulls hard on the leash choking Wendel and dragged back inside the house and up the stairs into the bathroom. “Take off all of your clothes and get into the tub, kneeling now!” shouts Miss Brenda. Once in the tub and kneeling I mount my disgusting pig of a sub and piss all over him. “You want to not listen to orders and just piss where you want! Then you will have to wear mine!”

“Now clean yourself up and meet me in my dungeon! NAKED!” Mistress Brenda exits to her dungeon and Wendel quickly washes up and meets her downstairs. It is now about 12pm and I have changed into my Red Satin Corset, matching panties, girdle, stockings and black stilletos to match. Now I plug wendel up with a 3inch butt plug, bind his hands with leather mittens and cuffes behind his back. A Rubber hood is placed over Wendels’ head with two straws inserted into each nostril and a tube for the mouth.. He is spun around and made to bend over and chest flat against a table nearby. Wendel is paddled terribly hard until his ass starts to welt up do I decide it’s time to stop. Then I use my favorite tool which is a purple flogger and commence flogging Wendel’s outer thighs for what seems forever. For the icing on the cake I use my riding crop for the inner thighs with a few swift slaps to his scrotum. “Stand straight up you filthy sub!”, commands Misstress Brenda. I seran wrap him very tightly leaving space around his pathetic penis so it’s left dangling freely. Then Wendel is leaned up against a pole and seran wrapped against the pole to keep him in place. I then hook him up to an invention of mine called a Milker. The penis is hooked up to a suction like device similar to a penis pump. The tube from the penis pump looking aparatus is connected to the cum and spit filled canister from before. Another tube is connected to a small machine that is then connected to something that looks like a digital timer. It is set to suck and vibrate for 30 minutes every hour and collect the victims cum. Then a tray is wheeled over and raised to almost head level. The bag with his shit is brought out, opened and left on the tray. His head is taped to keep his up upright not able to move left or right.

At about 6pm my footsteps can be heard coming down the steps. The milker is detached and tray wheeled away. “Here I brought something down to soothe your pathetic penis.” I pull out some bengay and massage it all on his penis and scrotum. Let the burning begin hehehehe. The pain is so intense for Wendel, bound… nowhere to go, Mistress Brenda leaves for another 2 hrs. Finally, I bring down a bowl full of about 15 ice cubes to Wendel. I allow him to use one to soothe his penis, “Now wendel don’t get greedy and use them all”.. Wendel is trained to do what’s right and he begins to insert each cube into his butt after I remove the plug from him. 14 cubes later he plugs himself back up but this time with a plug that is 4 inches and is brought back up the stairs to the kitchen where his oatmeal is waiting for him in the same doggie bowl. Wendel is on all fours whimpering over his food again. I roll my eyes because I know what he expects. I swear, pets can be so spoiled at times….. I take the canister of cum that has been collected and mix it with his oatmeal. “There you go eat up.”

After dinner and a full day of beatings and milkings Wendel is being called for by Mistress Brenda from up the stairs. He enters into his room and there she is waiting with a wrapped gift on the night stand. “Here is something to remember this weekend by my filthy cum licker.” I walk away and close the door behind me, Wendel quickl opens up the gift and pulls out of the box a big black dildo at least with a 4 inch girth and 12 inches in leangth. Wendel begins to sweat wondering what is he going to do?! A quick glance in the box and there is some easy glide in there. PHEW!!! Mistress Brenda is oh so thoughtful. Wendel goes to sleep blistfully experiencing his new toy in every oriface imagineable.

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    Reviewed by: jack says:

    Truly fantastic story,such a lucky dog,most respectfully,jack