A story from Nina Mar

It was another tedious laundry day for Dahlia. She was disappointed that a beautiful sunny afternoon was going to be wasted on annoying chores.  “I shouldn’t have to do my own laundry!” she thought, as she slipped her flip flops on and grabbed her laundry basket. She admired her own fresh pedicure as she took the elevator down to basement.

She was startled to see another person in the usually empty Laundry Room. Kyle- the weird boy from one of the apartments on her floor – was standing by the dryers. He looked at her. Her green eyes met his, and she followed his gaze as it moved towards her feet. 

He was fixated on her cute, cobalt blue toes. 

“I like your pedicure Dahlia. Your feet look beautiful.” He said.

Dahlia’s eyebrows narrowed and lips smirked. “Weirdo!”, she huffed. She pranced passed him, her hair bouncing to the only nearest free washing machine. She loaded her laundry in, added soap, and, ignoring Kyle entirely, headed back upstairs to her apartment.

Dahlia gave her pedicure another hour to dry. Looking out the window, she thought it a perfect day to go for a long run. She quickly changed into a black workout tank top and matching  leggings, along with her favorite black running sneakers. She loved wearing all black. On her way out she stopped at the laundry room to move her clothes to the dryer. Kyle was nowhere to be seen. 

As she was moving her clothes, she noticed some of her socks were missing. 

“That’s strange,” she thought. “I’m usually very good at keeping my socks together. I guess I’ll find them later.” She headed out for her run.

The weather was warmer than it seemed. She was sweating more than usual, – especially her feet. She could not wait to shower and change into clean clothes. Her plan was to relax for the rest of the day. She stopped back in the laundry room on the way back upstairs. The door was closed. She opened it slowly… and was shocked to see Kyle kneeling in front of the dryer with her missing socks pressed against his face. 

He was breathing heavily, obviously enjoying her scent.

“Oh- this is going to be fun.” she said loudly. Kyle nearly fell over from shock. “What are you doing with my socks?”

The boy stammered and stuttered, but didn’t make any sense. 

 Dahlia put her hands on her hips and said,  “Well, you’re clearly sniffing them, and who knows what else while I was away. What do you think I should do with you? Should I tell everyone in the building that you’re a sock thief?! A foot freak?”

 “No! Please don’t.” he begged. “I’m sorry it won’t happen again”. 

“We’ll see about that!” Dahlia barked. She loved how scared he was. “Here”, she slid her laundry basket to him. “Take my clothes out of the dryer and put them in my basket. One way or another I’m going to make you pay for touching my socks and screwing up my day.” He hesitated. “Let’s go!” she nearly shouted. “I’m making you take the laundry up the stairs, no elevator for you. Move!”

Kyle scrambled up the stairs as Dahlia loomed behind him. She loved every second of this. He was skittish and scared. It was so amusing. 

Dahlia opened the door to her apartment and pointed into her living room. ““Get in there! Put the basket down and get on your knees. Faster!” He did as she instructed. “Good boy!” she mocked him. She sat down on her favorite chair, directly in front of him. 

Kyle was a trembling mess and Dahlia was in her element.

“Tell me, what do you think I should do with you?” she asked. 

Still on his knees,  he replied slowly. “I don’t know, you should do whatever you think I deserve.” 

Dahlia crossed her legs, and pointed at her sneaker. “Untie my shoe using only your mouth. You have 30 seconds.”  Kyle leaned his face into her shoe, grabbing the laces with his teeth. He began to tug on them as fast as he could. “Seven, six, five, four…” Within those last moments he was able to tug them loose. His heart was racing … and his penis was throbbing. He was humiliated – and turned on. He could not believe he was in Dahlia’s apartment doing this. He had fantasized about her since she moved in a year ago.

 “Congratulations, I’m impressed. Now you can take my sneaker off and smell my socks….that’s what you want isn’t it?” It was clearly all the boy ever wanted. He was so hard he thought he was going to cum just touching her sneakers as he pulled them off. His face was so close to her foot he could feel the heat from them. His face was centimeters from her warm sweaty socks. “Go on, smell them! Now!” she commanded. Kyle grabbed her foot and pressed his face against the sole of her foot, sniffing her sock as hard as he could. He was transported to another world. But Dahlia was still present. “Good boy! Now you can take off the other shoe. Do it the same way.” Kyle did it better this time. He loved the humiliating task as much as Dahlia loved assigning it to him. “We have to keep things even, go on, smell this one too.” The smell of her sweaty socks made Kyle tremble. “Good job, now take off my sock.” 

He went to use his hands but Dahlia stopped him. “No. You have to use only your mouth.”

Kyle wrapped is head the best he could around her ankle and gently grabbed the top of her sock with his teeth. It took seconds but he slowly managed to pull it down and off. Dahlia’s bare foot was directly in his face now. He could feel the heat of her skin. Each toe was perfectly rounded, and her blue nail polish turned him on even more. 

“This is what you’re going to do; starting with my big toe you’re going to kiss and suck each individual toe until I tell you to stop.” Kyle’s head and mouth dove into action. He did just as she told him, planting kisses on each before suckling each one. He loved how pretty and warm her feet were. He couldn’t believe his fantasy was coming true. He was so turned on he thought he might cum in his pants. 

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how well you’re doing, Kyle. Now I want to see how well you can clean my foot using only your tongue. You can start by licking the bottom.” Kyle went right to work, his penis pounding and head spinning,  He started at her flawlessly round heel which was slightly salty from her run. He hoped he was doing a good job and pleasing her. Then he moved up the bottom of her and cleaned her high arches. While Kyle was working his way up towards the toes, Dahlia smiled at him. She pressed the ball of her foot into his face and leaned in. “Now lick underneath and in between each toe.” She ordered.

Kyle did exactly as he was told. He loved the way her toes felt in his mouth and how they tasted on this tongue. He could not believe how turned on he was. It was getting painful for him. Dahlia had noticed his raging boner when they first entered her apartment. But she was waiting for the right moment to let him release. 

She wanted to wait until his boner was a source of pain.

Dahlia looked at the watch she wasn’t wearing, pretending to be annoyed that her time was wasted. “Since you did such a good job following my instructions and it appears you have also done a decent job cleaning my foot, I suppose I will allow you orgasm. Take off your pants.” Kyle frantically unbuttoned his pants and his pants and boxers down to his knees. Dahlia laughed. “Hey! Wait! I didn’t say go yet.” She grabbed Kyle by the chin, looking directly into his eyes.  “I am allowing you to release yourself, but you better ask permission to cum or you’re not going to like what I have in store for you”.

Eager to cum, Kyle nodded to show his understanding. 

“Okay, go on, do it. Stroke for me.” She commanded. Kyle grabbed his painfully hard penis and started to stroke it. He’d been turned on since before she walked in on him, and was beyond excited. After barely 10 strokes he came uncontrollably, all over Dahlia’s floor. 

He did not ask permission. 

“Oh, Kyle! Not only did you fail to ask permission to cum, but you also made a mess on my beautiful hardwood floors.” Dahlia was more amused than displeased. “This is what you’re going to do. You’re not going to like it. Put your hands behind your back and lick up the mess you made.” 

 “Okay.” was all Kyle could say. He was ready to accept his humiliating punishment. He loved the way Dahlia bossed him around and got him to do things he didn’t know he liked. He put his hands behind his back and started cleaning up his mess. 

As he was cleaning, Dahlia pressed her feet on top of his head and said, “I’m disappointed in you, however I suppose it’s not entirely your fault. What you need is more training. Here’s what you’re going to do. From now you’re going to do my laundry every week. I will train you how to serve me properly and worship my feet. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” Kyle said from the floor.

“And you’re going to continue to eat your own cum until you learn to control your orgasms. Is this also understood?”

“Yes.” Kyle continued from the floor.

“From now on it’s ‘Yes, Mistress!’” She admonished him.

“Yes Mistress!”