Miss Kat

Did you want to Switch it up?


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Exotic Asian Mistress Kat

Mistress Kat 

You will belong to her.
You will submit your mind, body and soul to Mistress Kat


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Room Rental @ Pandora’s Box NY 212-242-4577

Pandora’s Box offers room rental for New York independent Mistresses and guest Mistresses from around the world.

We offer seven fabulous playrooms with all the equipment you will need.

Our space is meticulously maintained with new updates constantly

Showers, bathrooms & dressing rooms available to use.

Private entrance and very discreet.

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Sensual & Sadistic Mistress Leigh…..

Mistress LeighLeigh Sensual2

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You should be Mistress Laura’s Prisoner at the Box

Prison Guard Laura  wants to lock you up in one of the three Pandora’s jail cells.

Call 212-242-4577  but remember…you have the right to remain silent, and anything you say CAN and Will be used against YOU in the court of Pandora’s.

Mistress Leigh

Don’t mistake my Southern niceness for weakness, your inferiority will be evident and punished accordingly.


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Get Dominated by Nubian Goddess Eve

Mistress Eve

I expect your submission, I will gain your devotion.

All Corporal Punishments, Bondage,  Trampling, CBT, and  Feminization.
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Forget 50 Shades…Go see the Documentary “Fetishes”

Human Pin Cushion

Looking to be a human pin cushion?


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Get Wrapped Up @ Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

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