Mistress Trinity Just Wants to Dress You Up!

Mistress Trinity

trinity and jude 2

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Get Ready for a Transformation with Mia

Mia loves dressing you up into something real feminine.

Sexy panties, nylon stockings and silky nightgown will transform you into your inner most beauty.

Check out Mia newest pics in our fabulous new Pink Boudoir.

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Mistress Iris Is Ready to Play

Mistress Iris
Playful, devious Middle Eastern Domme who will force you into submission.

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You want Mistress Jade to beat your ass black and blue.

Mistress Jade

A good beating in a medieval style torture chamber will occasionally be followed by smothering if you behave.

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Mistress Vivian’s long slender legs…

Mistress Vivian
You will learn to admire and worship my long slender legs and enjoy being ground beneath my boots.

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Iris, Madison, and Kali are going to rock your world…

Mistress Iris, Mistress Madison, and Goddess Kali will rock your world.

The triple team-up of these Ladies will devastate you.

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Dynamic Double Blonde Domme Duo

Mistress Roxanne & Mistress Trinity

You need this double blonde duo.


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Mistress Kali

Mistress Kali


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Let Mistress Nikki Surprise You

Mistress Nikki
She will surprise you, torment you, and tease you.

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Sweet Sadistic Mistress Mia

Mistress Mia

Experience extreme tease and denial…

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Mistress Inga, come worship her

Mistress Inga

Get on your knees and submit to this beautiful Latex clad Mistress.

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Switch Iris takes you back to school

Let Switch Iris school you on what happens to naughty boys.

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Tall Exotic Mixed – Mistress Bridgette Exclusively at Pandora’s Box NY

Mistress Bridgette

Mistress Bridgette has an extensive background in mixed martial arts as well as all facets of fetish play.

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Double or Triple your Fetish Troubles…..

Come worship the perfect feet of Goddess Kali,  Queen Iris, or Mistress Madison….

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Mistress Inga & Mistress Bridgette Are Looking For A New Pet

Mistress Bridgette – Tall exotic mixed beauty that loves the art of domination.


Mistress Inga – Tall and slender, she will have you obeying her every word from the moment you meet her.

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Mistress Mia’s Legs

Mistress Mia

Come worship Mistress Mia’s legs and thigh-hi boots.

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Mistress Nikki will take you to school….

Mistress Nikki

She will teach you to behave.

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Mistress Mia, femme fatale

Mistress Mia

femme fa·tale
ˌfem fəˈtal,ˌfem fəˈtäl/Submit

attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately bring disaster to a man who becomes involved with her.

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My Goddess Mia

you want to restrict me
your desire is to cage my manhood
stop me from desire

yet desire is all i have
i desire bondage
i desire pain and torture

but is this my real desire
or but a diversion
is pain an illusion

My goddess looks to
bound men
chaste me

she shuts out her own desires
what are they
will we ever know

where do we end up
desire to cage
desire to be diverted

is it real
is there a way
what is it….FIND OUT

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