Mistress Eve will make you beg

Mistress Eve
An innocent face with deviant desires

Call to play with the naughty Mistress Eve at 212-242-4577.

Mistress Mayhem needs to……

Mistress Mayhem
She needs to smother you.

Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

New Switch Alice will enjoy…

Switch Alice will enjoy turning the tables on you
 Call 212-242-4577

Let Mistress Nikki Surprise You

Mistress Nikki
She will surprise you, torment you, and tease you.

Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Mistress Nikki

Mistress Vivian’s long slender legs…

Mistress Vivian
You will learn to admire and worship my long slender legs and enjoy being ground beneath my boots.

Please call 212-2424-4577 to schedule an appointment.