Mistress Alice demands…

Mistress Alice demands that you relinquish control.
She is ready to humiliate and emasculate you with her sharp tongue and quick wit, Mistress Alice will have you begging to endure great pain to be graced with her presence. 
Call 212-242-4577

Mistress Kali

Mistress Kali

Named after the Goddess of Death and Destruction, Goddess Kali is ready to devour your soul.

Call 212-242-4577 to book an appointment.

Switch Hunter

Switch Hunter

Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Mistress/Master Leigh’s legs…

Mistress/Master Leigh

You need to worship and adore her long strong legs.

Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Mistress Micha wants you on your knees…

Mistress Micha

You will grovel on your hands and knees before her.

Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

New Goddess Lilith

New Goddess Lilith

This Beautiful Spanish Mistress will make you beg for mercy.

Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

Mistress Nikki will have you begging…

Mistress Nikki

Mistress Nikki is Syrian & Dominican.
Petite with dangerous curves that will have you on your knees begging for more.

Call 212-242-4577 to a session with this skilled beautiful Domme.

Exotic Asian Mistress Kat

Mistress Kat 

You will belong to her.
You will submit your mind, body and soul to Mistress Kat


Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment

The Medical Mistresses

The Doctors and Nurses ARE IN!
Come and enter the Medical Chamber at Pandora’s


This room is used extensively for electric shock torture, behavior modification, piercings, catheters and sounds.  We have an extensive array of surgical tools including but not limited to tens units, violet wands and single use/disposable medical necessities.

Separate shower available.
Call 212-242-4577 for your check up and maybe operation…

Your heart races with Mistress Bridgette

Mistress Bridgette

Let Mistress Bridgette Rev and Tweak your Motor.

Call 212-242-4577 to schedule an appointment.

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