Mistress Viona @ Pandoras Box

Mistress Viona

She will tease and torment you

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~~Mistress Kat ~~Call 212~242~4577~~

Never a dull moment with Mistress Kat.  


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Hot Delicious Stinky Feet / Boot Worship @ Pandora’s Box call 212-242-4577

Some many feet for you to worship.  So many boots for you to lick.  Petite to large manicured, un-manicured, sweaty, dirty delicious feet.  You should be so lucky to have this experience and knock it of your bucket list.

,,,MULTIPLE  DOMME  TRAMPLING,,,Call NOW!  212-242-4577

… Legs Like These!!!


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Kat is a Mistress with experience and beauty.

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Who’s Up Next ??? Slave Training !!!

This Paddle has been in the Pandora’s equipment room for over 15 year.

Many a butt has been beaten by her and those butts well deserved it.

Well today we lay to rest one of our beloved Paddles who will no longer be able to administer you that punishment you so love.

You see, one of our slaves just took the beating of his life… but he’s never been happier!




What the fuck!  Friday Night Special in memory of the Paddle.

Please inquire.

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Inked Magazine Photo Spread

Congratulations to Inked Magazine on  a super successful photo shoot at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY.

We love being part of a creative team who strive for excellence and Inkedmag.com ‘s photo spread portrays’ class and quality.

Inked Magazine at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

More photos to come.

Go to http://www.inkedmag.com or become a fan at Facebook.

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Get Wrapped Up @ Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

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Human Pin Cushion

Looking to be a human pin cushion?


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These Boots are Made for Trampling…

One of these days these boots are going to trample all over YOU!

Make that TODAY!

Mistres Mia
Mis Mia

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