Saturday February 23rd Schedule at Pandora’s Box NY

Ask About Our Two Mistress Special!!!

Day:    Micha     Autumn    Michelle    Kat    Ruby
Night:   Micha  Kali   Lexa  Kat   Iris  Ruby   Hunter   Jade  

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We do not provide sex or anything illegal so please don’t ask!

Mistress Kat wants….

Mistress Kat wants to smother you…

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New Mistress Autumn

New Mistress Autumn

This Beautiful Italian/Chinese/Dominican Mistress will make you submit to her whims.

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Mistress Micha

Mistress Micha

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Miss Kat

Did you want to Switch it up?


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Weekends at the Box Are Always Outstanding

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Getting the OK from My Wife!  A Story about my Crossdressing Fetish

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I walked into the bedroom and immediately saw a pair of pink satin panties and a matching pink camisole neatly laid out on the bed. There was a note next to them, my wife’s beautiful handwriting obvious from across the room.

“Trevor My Love,

I finally feel like I know my husband. You’ve kept your secret from me for far too long, but now I know. I’ve seen the stories and websites on your computer. I know you yearn to be feminine, to dress in girl’s clothes, to feel soft and loved like a girl does. I love you and want to help you. If you want that too then please put on the camisole and panties and join me in the living room. If it’s too scary or you’re not sure this is what you want, simply put them back in the drawer and throw this note away and we’ll never talk about it again.

This is your chance to embrace your true desires,

Your loving wife,


As I put the note down and my fingers gently caressed the soft pink satin of the lingerie she had left out for me, my heart pumped hard in my chest. My mind raced with questions as my loins stirred to life at the thought of dressing like a girl for my wife. I had made quite an effort to cover his tracks, so how had she found all that stuff on my computer? Was she being (more…)

New Mistress Autumn’s Legs

Mistress Autumn

Needs her strong legs to be worshiped and adored.

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Hot Delicious Stinky Feet / Boot Worship @ Pandora’s Box call 212-242-4577

Some many feet for you to worship.  So many boots for you to lick.  Petite to large manicured, un-manicured, sweaty, dirty delicious feet.  You should be so lucky to have this experience and knock it of your bucket list.

,,,MULTIPLE  DOMME  TRAMPLING,,,Call NOW!  212-242-4577

Mistress Ruby will beat you….

Mistress Ruby

She will beat you into submission.

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New Mistress Micha

New Mistress Micha

She will overpower you with her strength and beauty.

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