Overnight Stay

Pandora's Box Dungeon NY Overnight Stay
Come and find out what’s like to spend the night in a Pandora’s Box prison cell, locked into a cage or unable to move in our isolation room.
You will be tied up tightly and will be at the mercy of you Mistress.  Rope, chains, rubber and assorted equipment will help make you as comfortable or uncomfortable as we like.
The clock will tick and life outside the dungeon will continue but you will would have surrendered you life to your Mistress waiting for her to come and administer the beating that you deserve.  Their will be tender moments a well.  As much as you beg and scream you will stay with no one to help.
Bread and water will be served as your main course.  If it’s your last meal a special menu can be arranged. 
Your heart is pounding.
You start to sweat.
Are they coming?
Is my time over? 
You will hear laughing from afar. Your cruel Mistresses will be yours for the evening
Come and trust yourself to the capable hands of the evil Pandora’s Box Mistresses.
Call 212-242-4577 for rates