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    Reviewed by: Dan says:

    Elle is one sexy Mistress. Have sessioned with her a couple times and she is mind blowing. Beautiful, authentic, intuitive, and boy is she talented. Sensual, seductive, and she makes you yearn for the pain. Role playing is fun, getting to know what makes her tick is even better. Highly recommend!

    Reviewed by: Slave Jeff says:

    Dear Mistress Elle,

    Thank you for the wonderful session on Saturday. You showed compassion for my needs yet still pushing my limits.
    The humiliation of being walked as your dog and shown off was exquisite. I was turned on by your threat to keep me locked and “lose the key” but was thankful that you chose to show compassion for me and allow me a release.
    I wish I could serve you more often and have you hold the key between sessions, however circumstances do not allow for it. In the future however perhaps we can setup a session and I can lock myself up and drop the key off at the dungeon earlier in the day for you or something similar so I can give up more control.

    Thank you,
    slave jeff

    Reviewed by: A NY Slave says:

    A session with Mistress Elle is magic. She’s open and empathetic, creative and artful, dexterous and skillful. The nuances of her voice are sexy beyond imagining and the touch of her soft fingers feels sublime. When one meets her for the first time one’s breath is taken away by the sweet beauty of her face and the delicate curves of her body, only to find her characteristics becoming more and more and more beautiful as you’re with her. Sensuous isn’t strong enough a word to capture her presence. And all of this is still secondary to the genuine warmth of her spirit. Magic.