A Midsummer’s Nightmare for a Misguided Misogynist

A Midsummer's Nightmare for a Misguided Misogynist By: Mistress Haley

As Heathcliff, known locally as “The Village Bozo,” sauntered about the park at dusk, flexing his flabby muscles, skipping rope, and taunting young women, he spotted two “femme fatales” (Haley and jasmine) who were stretching and relaxing on the lawn, and practicing intricate yoga stunts.

Heathcliff, who gave failure a bad name, had an IQ of a hemorrhoid, and the personality of one. His shit-eating grin was a fixture on his ugly face, as he boldly approached these two robust, attractive vixens and immediately challenged them to a contest of jumping rope as well as blind man’s bluff.

He had a long jump rope, whereas Haley “The Comet” and Jasmine “Flower Power” kept an eyeless spandex hood in their gym bag for the unexpected. (If you give such an oaf as Heathcliff a rope, he’ll hang himself-literally) Haley and Jasmine have virtually no tolerance for cretins such as Heathcliff, and proceeded to bait him into a deal, wherein they would provide him x-rated videos, if he was capable of skipping rope 300 times with an eyeless hood on his head, and not tripping, even once.

Being an unassuming, machoistic moron that he was, Heathcliff readily accepted this challenge from these savvy, experienced Dommes, who took delight in humiliating such pathetic shitheads. Within 90 seconds after Heathcliff began sightlessly skipping rope, he found himself being hogtied with his own rope, and being carried out of the desolate park, and into a well-concealed dungeon, which also served as a gym for Haley and Jasmine.

It was fully equipped with every torturous device known to S & M aficionados. He pleaded to his captors to untie him, with the promise that he “would find God, and change his perverted ways,” but it fell on deaf ears and his fate was sealed. The two energetic vixens untied him, but began a joint wrestling session, whereupon poor Heathcliff quickly found himself being squeezed and stretched by two pairs of sinuous arms and legs, which enveloped him with the suction of the long tentacles of a giant octopus.

Jasmine’s “flower power” was derived from her ballet training and martial arts skills, whereas Haley had ridden horses (though never bucked by one) and knew how to control and subdue her opponents on the mat. Their beauty alone could mesmerize a man into submission, not to mention their physical strength and wrestling expertise. Heathcliff screamed out in agony and ecstasy (mostly agony) for leniency, and cried out that he submitted, but Haley just snapped back, “We’ll be the judge of that!” So the wrestling torture continued for Heathcliff, who was limp by now from the pressure of powerful thighs around his torso and head, while stroking himself into repeated ejaculations.

There was no letup, as the dynamic female duo took liberties with what was left of Heathcliff, and took turns with face sitting. He eventually lapsed into delirium and completely lost sense of his whereabouts, while Haley and Jasmine laughed seductively at his futile attempts to escape, while being entangled in a vortex of legs and arms, and twisted every way but loose. He became an involuntary human pretzel. At this point, the two vixens decided to stuff Heathcliff into a snug spandex body bag, which they then laced up tightly to his neck. He couldn’t move a muscle and was covered in his own semen.

He was “too pooped to pop.” Haley and Jasmine then attached the stuffed body bag onto the padded wall with multiple sturdy hooks. His feeble cries for help were met with stern responses, such as “We’re just beginning with you,” and “No one’s going to miss you-just wait for the unhappy ending!” Haley and Jasmine then proceeded to blare obnoxious rap music in the soundproofed room and left Heathcliff suspended in the dark, dank room to his own thoughts and misery. They promised to return the next day to resume to wrestling torture and told Heathcliff that he would have to eat catnip first for energy.

As they closed the dungeon door, both Haley and Jasmine decided to return to the nearby park the next day, in hopes of ensnaring another macho moron for their “trophy room.” They were invigorated with enthusiasm. Heathcliff wasn’t even worthy of being a slave!