Guest Mistress Domina X at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY June 15th-25th

Young professional & lifestyle Dominatrix based in Austin, Texas will be a guest Mistress at

Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY June 15th-25th, 2017

I am a natural born Deviant and quite enjoy carving My own paths, exploring new territory, revisiting old and relinquished ideas and transforming them into relevant and beautiful lifeforms.


I encourage all experienced masochists, curious submissives and unconventional creatures of kink of all genders, races, & shapes to succumb to My pure mastery and give in to the exquisite and exhilarating experience that is Domination.

You may contact me at for more information about  booking me during my NY visit.

The Empress Next Door by Mistress Severine



The Empress Next Door by Mistress Severine

I sit here writing with scarcely the strength or virility to recount yesterday’s events. It began so ordinarily, on a balmy afternoon, as I stood gazing out my kitchen window, baking, daydreaming. I’d haphazardly thrown together a recipe for oatmeal cookies, gone through all the preparations of mixing the ingredients, and then foolishly remembered I lacked brown sugar. In a rush, I threw on a light jacket and approached my next-door neighbor, a young woman I’d yet to meet, although had glimpsed several times leaving late at night, always cloaked in black.

I sheepishly approached her Gothic manor, small in size but foreboding nonetheless. I rapped on the door several times, with no response, and then peeked through the nearby window.

“Can I help you?”