A Midsummer’s Nightmare for a Misguided Misogynist By: Mistress Haley


As Heathcliff, known locally as “The Village Bozo,” sauntered about the park at dusk, flexing his flabby muscles, skipping rope, and taunting young women, he spotted two “femme fatales” (Haley and jasmine) who were stretching and relaxing on the lawn, and practicing intricate yoga stunts.

Heathcliff, who gave failure a bad name, had an IQ of a hemorrhoid, and the personality of one. His shit-eating grin was a fixture on his ugly face, as he boldly approached these two robust, attractive vixens and immediately challenged them to a contest of jumping rope as well as blind man’s bluff.

He had a long jump rope, whereas Haley “The Comet” and Jasmine “Flower Power” kept an eyeless spandex hood in their gym bag for the unexpected. (If you give such an oaf as Heathcliff a rope, he’ll hang himself-literally) Haley and Jasmine have virtually no tolerance for cretins such as Heathcliff, and proceeded to bait him into a deal, wherein they would provide him x-rated videos, if he was capable of skipping rope 300 times with an eyeless hood on his head, and not tripping, even once. (more…)

Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY Storybook

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Welcome to our newest website for Pandora’ Box Dungeon NY.

Check out our latest addition to the site

Pandora’s Box Storybook is now available for your reading pleasure.

Ask your Mistress to write a story or you write one about your sessions with a Pandora’s Mistress.

Send it in and maybe we will publish it

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A Story from One of our Slaves – My Fiancée Fucks another Man Before our Wedding

My fiancée Janet – a cute and curvy redhead with milky white skin and a sweet smile – was a virgin when we started dating in college. She wasn’t a shut-in though. She had given blowjobs and had guys go down on her, and she even owned a vibrator that she used regularly. She just hadn’t had a relationship last long enough to make it to sex.

I was the lucky one to take it all the way with her and it was spectacular. She was no stranger to orgasm and sexual pleasure when we fucked for the first time, so she was fully into it and delighted by the experience, not plagued by pain and no idea of what to do like some virgins are.

Our sex life has been fantastic in the four years since as we’ve grown together and learned how to give each other incredible orgasms. She loves when I slip two fingers inside her pussy while licking her clitoris and she knows that I love how she fondles my balls while giving me head. We love to try new sexual positions to keep things fresh and there’s nothing we won’t try once.

Despite our seeming happiness and compatibility, it was clear something wasn’t right in the lead up to the wedding. It was two months before the date when I finally…


Visiting from Chicago, Switch Stella Rosen

Switch Stella Rosen

I’ll be there from November 8-13th.

I’ve been a staple of Chicago experience for years and I’m always up for initiating a new comer to kinky, indulgent play. I’m an East Coast downtown throughly modern minx by way of Northside Chicago who knows her own appetite and gets a thrill out of making you squirm and blush. I’m a magical blend of quirky, relaxed, creative intimacy with a taste for taboo experimentation and role play with the right partner

Website: stellarosen.com
Contact mail to: stella0rosen@gmail.com

Visiting Guest Mistress Adreena

Mistress Adreena
Over from London for one week only, find yourself in the presence of a real, strict and sensual English Mistress. She is arriving the evening of 16th October and will be staying until Monday 23rd.

Come experience her wide areas of expertise, from gentle foot worship, to role play, CBT, bondage, chastity or severe corporal punishment.

Don’t not be fooled by her gentle demeanour and soft voice. Mistress Adreena’s dominance comes from within- an urgent and insatiable need to control and passion for sexual deviance.

So… Are you ready to begin?



Visiting from Atlanta, Goddess Sonia

Goddess Sonia

My tour dates are today October 16th until October 23rd.
Submissives can contact me by calling (404) 957-7231 or by emailing me at thegoddesssonia@yahoo.com.goddess sonia blog

My official website is www.goddesssonia.com

Who’s Up Next???

This Paddle has been in the Pandora’s equipment room for over 15 year.

Many a butt has been beaten by her and those butts well deserved it.

Well today we lay to rest one of our beloved Paddles who will no longer be able to administer you that punishment you so love.

You see, one of our slaves just took the beating of his life… but he’s never been happier!




What the fuck!  Friday Night Special in memory of the Paddle.

Please inquire.

Call 212-24-4577

Sadistic Bowl Special

Come and join US at Pandora’s Box Dungeon for a very special Sadistic Bowl.

No need to watch TV today.  Why watch the action when you can be part of the action!


Call us today at 212-242-4577 for a very special sadistic bowl special!

Human Pin Cushion

Looking to be a human pin cushion?


Call us, 212-242-4577

Guest Mistress Veronica Vixen July 12th-17

Mistress Veronica Vixen from Sanctuary LAX will be a guest Mistress

at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY July 12th-17th.

Her naturally curvy body was created to make men fall to their knees.


Guest Mistress Domina X at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY June 15th-25th

Young professional & lifestyle Dominatrix based in Austin, Texas will be a guest Mistress at

Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY June 15th-25th, 2017

I am a natural born Deviant and quite enjoy carving My own paths, exploring new territory, revisiting old and relinquished ideas and transforming them into relevant and beautiful lifeforms.


I encourage all experienced masochists, curious submissives and unconventional creatures of kink of all genders, races, & shapes to succumb to My pure mastery and give in to the exquisite and exhilarating experience that is Domination.

You may contact me at servedominax@gmail.com for more information about  booking me during my NY visit.

The Empress Next Door by Mistress Severine



The Empress Next Door by Mistress Severine

I sit here writing with scarcely the strength or virility to recount yesterday’s events. It began so ordinarily, on a balmy afternoon, as I stood gazing out my kitchen window, baking, daydreaming. I’d haphazardly thrown together a recipe for oatmeal cookies, gone through all the preparations of mixing the ingredients, and then foolishly remembered I lacked brown sugar. In a rush, I threw on a light jacket and approached my next-door neighbor, a young woman I’d yet to meet, although had glimpsed several times leaving late at night, always cloaked in black.

I sheepishly approached her Gothic manor, small in size but foreboding nonetheless. I rapped on the door several times, with no response, and then peeked through the nearby window.

“Can I help you?”