Mistress Haley

Mistress Haley 

Being a natural sadist, Haley loves nothing more, than a slave that will go above and beyond, just to please her.



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New Mistress Alice

Mistress Alice

Come worship her beautiful feet and toes.

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Mistress Extremis 10/15 – 10/20

Mistress Extremis is Available 10/15 – 10/20

I enjoy combining sensuality and sadism, a dangerous mix that leaves you unsure of what will follow, whether my next touch will prove a salve, or carry a stinging bite. Your pain pleases me, and with my pleasure come great rewards.

Kneel before me, and remember, fortune favors the brave.

For appointments, please email: mistressextremis@protonmail.com




Mistress ViVa

New Mistress ViVa

Beautiful slender Mistress with shoulder length reddish brown hair.

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Mistress Vesper is Visting NYC

Exclusive Dominatrix
Victoria Vesper
Visiting NYC.

About Me
Originally from Lithuania, I am the most sophisticated European gift you can imagine. I was born as a little pretty princess with a cruel and sadistic mind. I’ve been educated as an artist in Saint-Petersburg and London and started to explore The Art of Pain in my very young age. Now I have more than 10 years professional and personal experience in BDSM.
I like to play hard and sensual at the same time, hurt, tease and never please. And I also know how to be absolutely cruel and mean. My dangerous beauty and mind of clever psychopath will enslave you physically and mentally. I was student of psychology so I know exactly how to twist your mind, drive you crazy and make you mad about me. I love nice, respectful and obedient slaves, nothing pleases me more than see how you lose your mind and power under my control. I wanna see you suffer and hear you begging for mercy. Twice.
I’m in love with financial domination! I love long romantic walks to the bank, gifts, shopping or/and complete financial control. I wanna make you starve and show you how absolutely helpless and useless you are without your (mine, actually) credit card.

Follow my website DominaVesper.com
Email: dominatrixvesper@gmail.com

Mistress Inga will whip you……

Let athletic Mistress Inga whip you into shape.
Mistress Inga specializes in corporal punishment.

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Mistress Layne

I am a sadist, and there is nothing I enjoy more than causing one to suffer in a humiliating way,

or inflicting pain on a toy for My amusement.



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Kat Is Back To Play

Mistress Kat
She will tease and torment you.


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Mistress Roxanne

The chill is intoxicating, and your brisk Mistress expects nothing but your very best.

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Mistress Lumiel Is In the HOUSE

Your pain, your suffering, your agony is my pleasure.

Mistress Lumiel

Obey my every command, surrender to me and I will make your deepest, darkest most twisted desires a reality.

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Mistress Nikki

Mistress Nikki

This beautiful  petite Mistress will tease and torment you.

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