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Day:  Sasori   Kat   Trinity   Cyn   Alice   Laura   Inga   Nikki   Michelle     

Evening:   Allanna  Ariel  Kat   Lexi  Inga   Trinity   Kendra   Haley   Iris   Sasori        

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We do not provide sex or anything illegal so please don’t ask!

Foot Worship @ Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Some many feet for you to worship.  So many boots for you to lick.  Petite to large manicured, un-manicured, sweaty, dirty delicious feet.  You should be so lucky to have this experience and knock it of your bucket list.

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New Mistress Inga

Mistress Inga

This tall, slender Swedish Mistress is ready to dominate you.

Call 212-242-4577 to book a session.

Exotic Asian Goddess Kat

Mistress Kat is  5’3″, full lips, beautiful long dark hair, elegant hands, busty chest, strong legs, soft youthful skin.

You will belong to her willingly by her beauty, strength and mind

You will submit your mind, body and soul to Goddess Kat

Kat new 2

Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Kat

Medical Mistress

The Doctors and Nurses ARE IN!
Come and enter the Medical Chamber at Pandora’s

This room is used extensively for electric shock torture, behavior modification, piercings, catheters and sounds.  We have an extensive array of surgical tools including but not limited to tens units, violet wands and single use/disposable medical necessities.

Separate shower available.
Call 212-242-4577 for your check up and maybe operation…

New Mistress Sally

Mistress Sally

Demanding & Strict yet elegant and Seductive. I enjoy the eroticism of BDSM, the power exchange and the control I command over men. Assertive, aggressive, spunky, playful, seductive and kinky is everything you will find in me. Whether you seek a sensual Fetish Session or an intense Domination experience, you will find Me extremely versatile and open-minded.

Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Mistress Sally

Mistress Alice

I enjoy emasculating submissive men with whips, walking them like dogs/puppy training, humiliation and verbal abuse, CBT, and corporal punishment.
I can also do sensual sessions and love watching men squirm in pain and quiver with pleasure.
I welcome all fetishes.
A new Mistress you don’t want to miss!
Mistress Alice
Call 212-242-4577

New Mistress Seveda

New Mistress Seveda

Experienced Petite Beautiful Latin Mistress

Playful, Sultry, and Mischievous

seveda 1

Call 212-242-4577 to book an appointment.

Phone Sessions FaNTAsY

sanctum00033_0360 v2

Femdom Phone Fantasy Sessions are a great way to connect with a Mistress when you can’t come in person.

Enjoy a kinky fantasy phone call with a Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY Mistress or submissive

Findom (financial control), Humiliation, cuckold fantasy, feminization training, sexy dirty talk, college co-ed, your secretary, Dr/patient etc.

Whatever you creative mind can conjure up will be had.  Our Head Mistress will help you achieve your desired fantasy.

The cost for a 20 minute call for $77.00.  All major credit cards are accepted.

Call 212-242-4577 NOW for a fantasy phone session.

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Get Dominated by Nubian Goddess Eve

Mistress Eve

I expect your submission, I will gain your devotion.

All Corporal Punishments, Bondage,  Trampling, CBT, and  Feminization.
To book an appointment, please call 212-242-4577.