Domina Quinn 10/4 & 10/5

Domina Quinn
Available October 4th and 5th
You crave the attentions of a woman. Not just any woman. One who is poised; alluring; original. One who will gaze into your eyes and smile while subjecting you to ruthless torments. One who will gracefully accept your worship of her as part of the natural order. One who lead you up to the edge of everything that is comfortable and familiar and then- push.

For all appointments please contact Domina Quinn

Domme Tomorrow visiting 9/28 – 10/2

Domme Tomorrow  visiting 9/28-10/2

I am a MiLF-Domme-Humiliatrix from Nashville TN. I revel in pulling you into deeper exploration of that sweet sub-space. You’ll find me surprisingly sadistic, wickedly creative, and eager for you to discover a side of yourself you never knew existed.

My website is:
My email is:

Fetish Dolly’s Visit is delayed

Fetish Dolly’s visit is delayed.
Please contact her for more information.

Fetish Dolly, aka the MISTRESS of the Universe. She has been running her own global business outside of the S&M scene for over 10 Years. Even though she has seen the upmost success in her salon industry. She is hungry for MORE, of what runs through her Catholic raised school girl blood! Spankings, fun, beatings, role play, but ABOVE ALL, corporal punishment and EXTREME SUPREME SERVITUDE.

The one and only Fetish Dolly! She is BACK and ready for ACTION! If you are a pathetic little pussy boy. I SUGGEST that bow BOW DOWN TO A GODDESS, and get ready to worship THE QUEEN OF FETISH. She is a PUNK ROCK REBEL PRINCESS, from down under. Here to visit NYC for only ONE week. She normally lives far away in Denver. So this might be your LAST CHANCE. To seek a genius, creative, pro-domina of her nature. As a hardworking, and intelligently successful business woman. Her charm and expertise, has often turned men into her very OWN human ATM’s.

Since a very young age. She has been told that she resembles that of Queen Cleopatra. You may call her “Your Highness”. But she loves to be addressed as MASTER. As she is the MASTER of your dreams. Get ready to make your DREAMS a REALITY. Her success is in the beauty industry. So, she has a passion for sissy boy’s and cross dressers. She is your new ruler. Get ready to get OWNED.

Listen to me giggle and laugh with joy. As she pulls your ego out of your ASS. As she is a master of words. This EMPRESS commands the slaves in her QUEENDOM. A French model, with long brunette hair and brown eyes. She is not the girl next door. She is intoxicating, pale skin, tattooed pin-up from head to toe! A latex fetish model, in many feature films, and a global sensation. She has headlined at fetish parties such as “Unleashed” Amsterdam and Sweden.

Submissive men and women have flown from all over the WORLD! Just to be under her feet, to experience her wisdom. She has been a Pro Dominatrix since she moved from Boston to NYC when she was 19. She worked at Pandora’s six for many years. So imagine all of her experience. TEN YEARS LATER! You cannot even imagine. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity the original Fetish Dolly!

Contact her through  to schedule any appointments

Visiting from Chicago, Switch Stella Rosen

Switch Stella Rosen

I’ll be there from November 8-13th.

I’ve been a staple of Chicago experience for years and I’m always up for initiating a new comer to kinky, indulgent play. I’m an East Coast downtown throughly modern minx by way of Northside Chicago who knows her own appetite and gets a thrill out of making you squirm and blush. I’m a magical blend of quirky, relaxed, creative intimacy with a taste for taboo experimentation and role play with the right partner

Contact mail to:

Visiting from Atlanta, Goddess Sonia

Goddess Sonia

My tour dates are today October 16th until October 23rd.
Submissives can contact me by calling (404) 957-7231 or by emailing me at sonia blog

My official website is