Memorial Day Special at the Box

  In honor of all of our fallen soldiers who have put their lives in front of ours.


We wish you a very special Memorial Day to you and your families.

Ask about our Memorial Day Special Discount.  

Special Rate to any Veteran or Active Duty.

Private and Discreet

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New Mistress Cori

Petite Celtic European Mistress Cori.

cori 2

Come session with this professional animal trainer.

 She will conduct switch/submissive sessions.

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Mistress Trinity

Mischievous young domme who loves to use, tease and manipulate toys of all kinds.


Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Mistress Trinity

New Mistress Roxanne

The chill is intoxicating, and your brisk Mistress expects nothing but your very best.

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NEW Switch Iris

 Switch Iris

Call 212-242-4577 for a session with Switch Iris

New Mistress Roxanne

Fresh from Mexico City’s underground!

Tall and slim athletic Goddess with a strong, muscular build.

Mistress Roxanne is open to many fetishes, call 212-242-4577 to hear more about her!

Mistress Jezybele

Young and Sadistic…


Mistress Jezybelle

Are you ready, willing and able to serve her sadistic needs. 

Call me at 212-242-4577

New Mistress Inga

Mistress Inga

This tall, slender Swedish Mistress is ready to dominate you.

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New Mistress Khaleesi

Mistress Khaleesi  

khaleesi 4

This tall and strong Amazon will put you in your place.
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